Viral FB Madness Review

Viral FB Madness Review

Viral traffic and Free Facebook traffic are Huge right now. Today I am doing a Viral FB Madness Review. Now the reason for free Facebook traffic and the viral effect is so huge just now is that it is free to set up and works great in ANY niche!

Now Viral FB Madness is full of case studies that Ivana (the product creator) has been using to make big sums of affiliate sales, very often with only 1 post!

Viral FB Madness Review

Viral FB Madness Review


As I said above the reason that Viral FB Madness and free traffic is huge at the moment is because you can get started for free and use the methods taught in Viral FB Madness to grow a huge following and a business that you will be able to profit from for ever.

Firstly inside the member’s area of Viral FB Madness there are 10 HD over the shoulder videos and for people who prefer to read there is a full PDF course.

Now one of the first positives that I saw with Viral FB Madness is that the PDF and videos are included in the main product. I know many product creators that would use the PDF as the main product then try to sell the video course as an OTO or upsell.

Now on the subject of Viral FB Madness and OTO’s I am happy to say that there are only 2 OTO’s or Upsells. Remember some products have as many as 8 OTO’s or upsells which I am personally not a fan of because it seems like you are going on and on for ever just trying to get what you paid for!

Another reason that Viral FB Madness jumped out at me was that this is something that Ivana is doing on a daily basis and has been for a long time. Now what that tells us is that Ivana and Viral FB Madness is something that works and that Ivana is not just someone who creates products based on theory.

Viral FB Madness and what Ivana teaches are things that work, a few months ago I actually started doing one of the methods that Ivana talks about and have now grown that valuable asset to about 100+ followers.

Viral FB Madness Review

Viral FB Madness Review


About 3 months ago I reviewed another product about Viral FB video traffic but it was completely different, it was more about making quick sales using video without building a business but Viral FB Madness is about thinking about the long game and what profits you can make quickly but also what profits you can make 30 days from now and if followed correctly then those profits will grow and grow!

Now I should also mention so that you are not surprised but Viral FB Madness starts off very slow so that you can follow every step and get everything set up.

Also if you are starting out on a small budget then you can use the methods and case studies in Viral FB Madness to make quick profits and then reinvest into an Autoresponder and a domain name (though that is optional I would highly recommend doing it).

Another thing I liked about Viral FB Madness is that even though the case studies are based mostly on the affiliate marketing niche you can use this method in ANY niche that you want!

I should also mention that Viral FB Madness has a section on how you can outsource a lot of the daily work, even though this method does only require a couple of hours a day to get good results!

Anyone can use Viral FB Madness to get started because it is very easy to do when you have the right training and that is what is provided in this product!

Also a lot of the methods being taught inside of Viral FB Madness can actually be used on Instagram as well and Ivana talks a bit about that as well though the main course does focus on Facebook!

This is the first product of Ivana’s that I have ever reviewed and I have to say that my overall Viral FB Madness Review is that this is a good product well worth the money that you will get a huge amount of value from and also a lot of it is based on case studies so you can see the actual proof of what is possible if you put in just a bit of work!


OTO 1 of Viral FB Madness is called Buyer List Hack


OTO 2 of Viral FB Madness is called 4 Way Monetization Secrets



Now Ivana gave every affiliate some bonuses to give away with Viral FB Madness, which I will of course include. Now while those bonuses are good reading there are quite a lot of affiliate links inside them SO I am also going to be giving away my own set of very useful bonuses that will help you! Just Check Below!!!


Viral FB Madness Review Bonuses

Viral FB Madness Review Bonuses





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