Viral Video Commissions Review

Viral Video Commissions Review

Today I will be doing a Viral Video Commissions Review. I have not reviewed anything in awhile because nothing caught my attention but I heard through a friend that is not affiliated with Viral Video Commissions that I should take a look.

Now the friend that I am talking about has a lot of rules to things that he will promote so when he said that Viral Video Commissions was worth promoting and reviewing I listened!

Now the first thing that really impressed me was the niche research. Very often people who create courses really don’t explain the importance of finding the right niche to promote. If you don’t have the right niche along with the right traffic source you can advertise all day and get absolutely nowhere (trust me, I have been there).

Viral Video Commissions Review

Viral Video Commissions Review


Now the next thing that I liked about Viral Video Commissions, even before going through the actual course was that the sales page shows actual proof of the product creators Peerfly CPA account.

Now even though this not supposed to be a CPA product but more a technique that you can use to promote anything. Personally I would use it to promote CPA offers!

Now as you may have read in the sales page you do not need to make any videos but rather use existing videos. Now this may sound unethical but it is not and Viral Video Commissions actually explains and shows you the law and TOS of both YouTube and Facebook.


There is one whole video where Viral Video Commissions shows you how to find videos that you can use as your own. I actually found this very interesting as I have an up and coming project where I will need a lot of videos for.



Now it would make no sense for me to explain the exact method but I will give you an overview of the course. Firstly when watching Viral Video Commissions do not skip any videos, everyone is important.

Viral Video Commissions Review

Viral Video Commissions Review


Now there are 3 main steps which will probably take you about 2 hours to set up if you do it properly by following along with Viral Video Commissions.

Step 1 is finding out profitable niches and using videos that you will make go viral!

Step 2 is your audience creation, boosting your videos and setting up your Facebook plan.

Step 3 is creating a quick and easy niche blog (I am going to include 20 niche blogs as a bonus if you buy through my site), then setting up a lead generator (sounds more complicated than it is).

Now the above 3 steps are explained in Viral Video Commissions in complete detail in an over the shoulder style (no PowerPoint presentations here). So no matter what level you are at in your Internet Marketing you can get this method set up very easily in just a few hours!

Viral Video Commissions Review

Viral Video Commissions Review


Below are the Video Modules. Each video is between 10 and 20 minutes approx  and are very detailed so that anyone can follow along!


Overview and Course Structure

Module I: Find out High Converting Niches

Module II: Deep Market Research & Ensuring Niches

Module III: Dig out Relevant Videos

Module IV: Make Your Videos Go Viral

Module V: Base Setup

Module VI: Define your Target Audience

Module VII: Boost Your Videos

Module VIII: Set Up a Niche Blog

Module IX: Setup Lead Generator

LIVE Case Study – Scale up Conversion

Last & Final Words


My overall Viral Video Commissions Review is that this is a new method that is explained by someone who is still using this too make a full time income Online.

He is using Viral Video Commissions to make money with IM affiliate offers, eCom and CPA. I may test this out by using some CPA offers and that is what I think that this best for though really you can promote anything with this as once set up you will be getting a ton of clicks and traffic!

Now remember that with Viral Video Commissions you don’t need to create videos, create a product or have a list. With this method you can easily get to over $100 a day in no time!


***NOTICE REGARDING THE OTO’s / UPSELLS!!!! – For information regarding the cost and details of every OTO / Upsell (and downsell) please scroll to the bottom of this review past the bonuses and look at the comments. I was getting asked a lot of questions about the OTO’s and Upsells so replied in the comment section below this post!

There a few OTO’s / Upsells and they are all Done for you packages or Done for you short cuts. They could be a real time saver though I am very happy to say that the main course Viral Video Commissions explains everything very well. If you really want to know what the OTOs are before buying drop me an email and I will tell you exactly what they are…






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