ViralRaptor Review

ViralRaptor Review

Today I am looking at a product and tool that lots of people are excited about. Here is my ViralRaptor Review. ViralRaptor is a software / WP plugin that you can use and set up on any WordPress blog or site.

Now recently we looked at Viral Video Commissions (I have had a ton of people who have been making really good money from it). Now when we went over that product we showed the true power of being able to use viral videos to create a passive and very profitable business and that is what ViralRaptor does for you.

Now imagine that you come across a free ebook or gift that you are really interested in. I will use myself here as an example – I am very interested in body building and dieting, fitness basically.

ViralRaptor Review

ViralRaptor Review


Now if someone was to use ViralRaptor on me then then they would place a link to an ebook that said something like “how to pack on 20Ibs in 6 weeks”. Now when I went to click on that link to download it I would get a message saying something like “Share with 3 people to access”

So what ViralRaptor is basically doing is creating a viral system where if you want the gift for free then all you have to do is share that same link either on your Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter account.

Now with ViralRaptor you can choose how many people you want to have share the gift. If you only want to set it up so that it needs to be shared 2 times then ViralRaptor gives you that ability.



My personal opinion about how many times you should ask someone to share before getting it is 3 times…in the ViralRaptor training Seth (the creator says 5 times works best for him) but I think, remember this is only my personal opinion that 3 sharing it is enough…otherwise people may lose interest. Though with that being said Seth has been doing the share option 5 times and having great success…maybe it’s just the impatient marketer in me coming out!

ViralRaptor Review

ViralRaptor Review


Now of course the more people that you get to share, the more viral your offer becomes, meaning that the more people get to see your offer and the more people that get to see your offer the more people will be exposed to your gift and offer which will of course make you more money!

Now I have seen something similar to ViralRaptor before but it was not as easy to set up, you actually had to have some coding skills but with this software ViralRaptor it is as easy as upload and change the settings that you want.

With ViralRaptor you can upload images, you can add in your affiliate link so that you are getting sales or you can add in your autresponder code so that you can capture leads and resell to them later!

Now also inside the members area of ViralRaptor there is a detailed video on how to set up ViralRaptor, there is a video on how to get free traffic so that you can start setting up your viral campaign.

ViralRaptor Review

ViralRaptor Review


There is also an advanced ViralRaptor training which goes into much more detail on how the whole process of viral traffic and creating viral traffic campaigns. The beauty of ViralRaptor is that 1 person can turn into 100’s or 1000’s of eyes on your offer.

So say you manage to get 100 eyes on your offer and only 40 of them decide to complete it and share it, with ViralRaptor that could lead to 1000’s of views and conversions.

I have actually completed one of these offers before from a big marketer (James Scholes) who is maybe the most honest marketer that I have ever come across. Now you won’t find James promoting make money online products every day because he is into some really weird niches and last I checked he was making over $2000 per day and a big part of his business is using the ViralRaptor system of using social media to build up an audience!


Anyway he was giving away a full YouTube course and all you had to do to get it was share it on 3 social media accounts and then you got instant access. This was over a year ago and I did it because I really wanted that course.

ViralRaptor Review

ViralRaptor Review


My point is that if I did it (and I am quite experienced in Online Marketing) then think of all the people who are just regular folks and see that they can get something really cool by sharing that really cool thing on their social media and in their minds they are helping their friends to get something cool…just imagine the Domino effect.

ViralRaptor is easy to set up. ViralRaptor is easy to use. ViralRaptor can be used in any niche (the more popular the niche the better!



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