VoicePal Review

VoicePal Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Very easy to use and very useful!


  • The only real CON is not checking out my bonus page 🙂

VoicePal Review – Content is King and this software will really help!


Hello my Friends and Readers, Welcome to my VoicePal Review. This new software is brought to us by 2 guys that I don’t really know but after getting access to VoicePal I know that this will save me a lot of time.

I love writing and blogging but my fingers are getting old, I used to (and still do) train hard in various martial arts which means that I have broken or fractured my fingers, knuckles and wrist more times that I can count.

VoicePal Review

VoicePal Review


My Mum also by my age had very bad arthritis in her hands which I am starting to think may have been passed down to me.

Anyway, what if I was able to sit at my work desk and talk and have my words turned into text?

Well that is what VoicePal does and I personally know how much this could change my business.

The VoicePal software can be used in many forms of marketing both offline and online, if you are an affiliate marketer then this has so many uses that it is very much worth having.

VoicePal Review

VoicePal Review


Now as well as being able to turn speech into text VoicePal also has the ability to do it in over 104 different languages.

This handy little software also allows you create text to speech, translate into any of the 104 languages.

VoicePal also has the speech to speech option, though personally I have not really found a use for that… though different marketers will find different uses for the many functions.

Whatever you are going to use VoicePal for you can adjust the settings, pitch, breaks in speech and even the emphasis.

VoicePal Review

VoicePal Review


I know that there has been other software created that do similar things to VoicePal but whenever I looked at them to buy they were very costly.

After agreeing to test VoicePal I had the guys behind it make my own account as this is something that I really will use.

As I said above the part that I love the most is the speech to text part.

As always I want to be completely clear and honest, when I recorded my first audio clip that I turned into text I had no idea what I was going to say so when the text came out I had to clear up a few punctuations.

That does not mean that I dislike VoicePal, it just means that I have to know what I am going to say before I start recording and tidying up a few words and commas or full stops will still save me a ton of time as supposed to writing a full 500 to 1000 word article.

VoicePal Review

VoicePal Review


This is my first review in a while and I have to say that I am very impressed with what I have seen so far.

The VoicePal software comes with full training videos though the software really is very to use.

The one little problem I had was that I never record in mp3, always videos in mp4 but a quick Google search brought up a lot of sites that changed my mp4 into mp3 for free in a minute or less (you can see which free site I used in my video review above).

Honestly there is not much left to say in my VoicePal review besides the uses of this clever little software are endless.

There are a few OTO’s as always.


OTO 1 is VoicePal unlimited (This just means that you can use it as much as you want…no limits basically)


OTO 2 is called WorldWide!


OTO 3 is called the agency access!


OTO 4 is a Done for you set of different campaigns.





Whenever I look for bonuses or create bonuses for a product I always try to think what would be the most helpful to any potential customers.

So in keeping with that tradition if you click the link below you will go to my very unique bonuses that you will only be able to get from me.


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