VSevolution Review

VSevolution Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Has lots of features without having to buy any of the OTO's!


  • The training that I am including as BONUSES is not to be missed!

VSevolution Review – A new Software For Video Marketers, Let’s find out what this can do!


Hello Readers, I am a bit late with this VSevolution Review as I have a been a bit under the weather for the last few days but as this is something that I plan on using then it deserves a review.

There are many parts to VSevolution and I will go through them all but I always find it easier to write about or talk about the parts that I will be using rather than copying the sales page.

VSevolution Review

VSevolution Review


So the first part of the software allows you to create a video using slides from other videos in the same niche.

I reviewed something slightly similar recently that took parts of actual videos to make a full video, that was called VidChomper which was a good tool if all you wanted were to make videos without actually making one.

VSevolution has way more features!

You can add in outros and intros, you can add headers or footers to your VSevolution videos and even audio, either your own voice or some catchy music.

VSevolution Review

VSevolution Review


I recently started using a training called iPassive which I think goes very well together with VSevolution

Now getting your video created is easy these days with all of the softwares around but what about actually ranking them?

Well for me that was the most interesting part!

VSevolution Review

VSevolution Review

What if you could use the same keywords or tags as the top videos are using?

That is another very useful part of VSevolution, you just put in your keyword and you can find the best videos in the niche that you are after and then automatically upload to your video.

When you are looking for keywords to rank for you need to take into consideration how hard they will be to rank for and that is one of the things that VSevolution does for you.

Beside every video that you find when you are searching using the software there is a colour score to tell you if that is something that will be easy or hard to rank for, this little feature saves a ton of time on its own.

Then there is something called Rank Data Generator which allows you to generate downloadable titles, descriptions and tags.

VSevolution Review

VSevolution Review


There is nothing wrong with copying successful elements of other peoples videos which is where the last part of the tool comes in which is the Competition Spy tool.

This part of VSevolution lets you reverse engineer and analyse the top ranking videos in your niche.

Once you have your video and tags and description ready you can then upload directly to YouTube and also share on Vimeo and Tumblr.

So just a quick recap of this VSevolution Review!

You can create videos, you can analyse the top ranking videos, search for keywords, find the best tags to use, spy on your competition!

VSevolution is an all in one ranking software for both YouTube and Google!

Do everything that you need to create or get the most relevant info possible to get those first page rankings.

There are a few OTO’s


OTO 1 of VSevolution allows you to spread your video content across even more social media channels.


OTO 2 is called VSevolution Source which allows you to legally turn other peoples videos and channels into traffic and sales.


OTO 3 is the VSevolution PRO which includes unlimited and additional parts of the software as well as a lot of extra training.




Marcs Traffic Personal Training (I put together a easy to follow PDF that lets you see exactly how I rank and optimise my videos. Includes SEO and optimization)


WordPress YouTube Video Blogger (An easy to use Software to add YouTube Videos to your WordPress site – Includes – WP Plugin + WP Theme + 6 over the shoulder training videos, take your videos and turn them into a powerful Authority site)


Instant Channel Authority  (Full Set of How to Videos on some of the most searched for videos on YouTube. Use these 2GBs of videos as your own or put them together to make 100% unique videos quickly without even having to search)


Explode your YouTube Channel (This is a case study from Brendan himself where he shows you how he got over 30k active subscribers by exploding his views)


YouTube Celebrity (main course PDF – 10 HD videos on How to become a massive YouTube Celeb by creating content, managing your channel and letting the viral effect kick in)


YouTube Training (PDF training with walk through + 21 videos. How do the big channels get so big and how do they continue to grow. You will learn that once you get set up and start getting views that you will be able to take your hands off and let your channel grow by itself)


YouTube Channel SEO (8 over the shoulder training videos on some of the latest channel methods so that your videos rank and that your channel becomes an authority channel FAST)


Monster Graphics Pack (These are 3 zip files of 100’s of graphics that you can use to add directly into the software so that you keep your videos fresh and great looking)



Get All Of These Bonuses When You Grab This Software Through My Site!






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