Vviral Review

VViral Review


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  • The software runs very smoothly!


  • There is NO training on how to build a YouTube business SO Scroll To The Bottom To See The BONUS Training that I created. You Do NOT want to miss it!
  • The bonuses on this site are available ONLY when you buy through this site so please don't buy elsewhere then expect the bonuses here, I will check! Thanks.

A detailed no fluff VViral Review so that you can decide if this is for you or not plus a 40 minute Private Coaching Session From Me!


Welcome my Dear readers to my VViral review in which as well as detailing what VViral does I will give you some ideas on what you can do with this software.

I will also be telling you what I thought was missing and filling that part with bonuses.

Even though the VViral sales page DOES tell you exactly what this new software from Mark Bishop and Venkata does I will give you a quick overview and you can see in my video review the video that I made about Pitbulls (a funny doggie video).

VViral Review

VViral Review


Now with VViral you can easily use it for making money in the online marketing niche but personally after putting it off I am going to using VViral for a few new projects outside of the make money niche.

I mentioned before in my review of VidChomper that, that piece of software would be perfect for creating unique videos in the children’s niche.

By that I mean that it would be very easy to take cartoons and cut and put them together to make original cartoons for kids.

Now the beauty of that is that you would not even need to stress too much how to monetise them.

Now what do I mean by that?

Well it’s quite simple really, if you allow YouTube to put ads on or besides your videos then you get paid by YouTube through their AdSense program for every view that their ads come up on.

VViral Review

VViral Review


VViral is perfect for making those type of cartoon videos and kids watch them all day long. I try to limit how much cartoons my 2 kids watch cartoons but they still have them running for hours at a time.

This means that you are making big bucks without even having to find affiliate programs.

Most of the videos that my kids watch on YouTube have Millions of views. Actually 1 video that I saw when my daughter was sitting on my knee watching had 222M views.

VViral Review

VViral Review


Those are just crazy numbers, those kind of channels probably make as much as half a Million a Month just from Adsense.

Now that is just 1 idea of how to use VViral (which I have already started to implement).

You can use VViral in any niche and have below the video your affiliate link to whatever product that video is talking about, either through Amazon or a digital product such as you can find on Clickbank.

I am going to include a bonus that will help you with your keyword and niche research and finding digital products on Clickbank (I actually made this product for myself, you can read more about it at the bottom under bonuses).

Right, now that I have given you a few ideas of how to use the software VViral, lets look at what it can actually do!

Basically VViral allows you to search for the videos that have the most views, subscribers and generally trending videos.

After you have found a few videos that you like you can select which parts of each video that you like and splice them together making your own unique video which you can then upload to your channel.

The 3 styles of videos that you can create and make your own are…

Funny GIF Compilations Videos

Motivational Quotes Style Videos

Trending or Top-10 Clips Compilation Videos

You can add things such as text, CTA, images, clips, music and even text-to-speech.

VViral Review

VViral Review


Now starting a new channel is easy but if you want to get off to the best start then I recommend grabbing VViral through my site as I have prepared a coaching video on how you can get about a 8 year head start on others…

Yes you heard that right, I a made a 40+ minute private coaching session that will give you a crazy advantage over any other YouTube marketer…

So before you head off to buy VViral elsewhere remember that you don’t want to miss my private coaching bonus plus all the other bonuses that I am including.

VViral is a mega powerful software but unless you know how to market your channel and videos you are just stuck with a cool software, I want to show you how to make money with it!!

Before I list my bonuses I will list the few OTOs or Upsells that you can choose to invest in.


OTO 1 is called Vviral PRO (there are so many things included it will be easier to show you in my video which I have done!)


OTO 2 is named AmzNeos ProMachine (Again so much is included that I will show you everything in my video which is above)


OTO 3 is called SyVID Agency License (I will show you everything that is included in my video above as it would take forever to list them all here)


OTO 4 is named VidOptimiseNeos (I will show you everything included above in my video)




Firstly ALL 10 Vendor bonuses that everyone else is giving away because they are too lazy to make their own 🙂 

Marc’s Coaching Secrets (I created this 40+ Minute video which teaches you how to get such an unfair advantage over every other YouTube marketer. This is not just SEO but actual YouTube channel algorithm methods that I never share outside of my private coaching. EVERY one of my private coaching students who have started by using the methods that I teach in this video are already smashing it on YouTube, you may even have watched their videos. No one teaches this. Besides video and channel SEO I show you how you don’t even need to worry about getting subscribers or getting growth on your channel. Starting a YouTube business without this would be just silly)


Marc’s Golden Niche List (My own product that I made firstly for myself but when I gave it to a friend he made me launch it where it became a bestseller. I went through 90 sub niches and keywords and then added a link to several top selling products in that actual sub niche. A massive time saver that I still refer back to regularly)


Vidskippy 2.0 (This is a software that is still being sold that I got from a friend who said that I could give it away. This is an All-In-One… Dual Video & Website Jacking Software & Profit System)


Vsource Software (Another software that is still selling. This is a Ground-Breaking Software that Legally Steals Other Peoples Traffic)


Marc’s YouTube Optimization Guide (I put together a easy to follow PDF that shows all my secrets that I use in my own business to get traffic and rank on YouTube. Again secrets never seen outside my high ticket coaching)


YouTube Channel 2020 (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. YouTube is always changing but with this up to date full training you will be led along by the hand in preparing everything that you need for perfect channel optimisation)


YouTube Channel SEO Factor (8 over the shoulder training videos on some of the latest channel methods so that your videos rank and that your channel becomes an authority channel FAST)


Amazon Affiliate Profits (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 16 HD videos. The latest in becoming an Amazon affiliate superstar. I asked a good friend who makes 1000’s a day from Amazon to give me this training which usually sells for 3 figures)


Online Viral Marketing (2 main PDFs 12 HD Videos – As Vviral is a software that uses the power of viral traffic then this packed training will teach you everything you need to know to understand the power of viralness)


Instant YouTube Channel Authority (This is a special package which includes over 2GB of how to videos on some of the most common asked questions. You can simply upload these as your own and suddenly you have a new channel full of new videos)




After Testing The Vviral Software I Can Say That These Bonuses Are All That You Need To Get Started Growing a Video Empire and With My  Private Coaching Video You Have a HUGE Advantage. ClICK HERE To Get Every Bonus Above




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