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Excuse my lack of reviews but I have been looking at products recently that I refused to promote because of a lack of quality and I will only review the best products out there. This brings me to Website Hero. Website Hero is a fantastic lead getting offline business in a box!

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Now what does a Business in a Box mean? Well it basically means that you buy the product and are ready to go into business without buying any other products and I am glad to say that Website Hero does exactly that! This is a very clever way to find and entice clients to use your services. Website Hero has a lot of information to go through but most of it is Golden (meaning very good). I will give you a quick overview of what Website Hero gives you and why you should consider Website Hero even if you are completely new to Offline Marketing. Now just because I use the term Offline Marketing it Doesn’t mean that you have to actually do anything offline. Your whole business with Website Hero can be run Online!!

The main product Website Hero contains a custom website checklist video along with a full training course so that you know where to start and what order to do things in! There is a simple 21 question method that will open up a whole 21 streams of revenue, you will learn the power of asking clients about their business and responding to what they say. Many people who are looking for clients make the mistake of emailing clients and telling them what they need….nobody likes being sold to, Do You??



You will learn with Website Hero what to say in the first contact with clients so that you have them trusting you and ready to do business. This is a proven sales pitch and I really can see why this would work!! Then you have the Magic Closing system which involves using a presentation style that should have your potential clients or leads begging to work with you. I had my doubts about this but it really would work and I shall be using this in my offline business!

Website Hero also contains the proven sales presentations for you to use and learn from. Tami (the creator of Website Hero) shows you how using Jack’s Local Theme Jack websites as mock ups in your presentation slide deck which you will get to customise to your own settings and branding.

The main version of Website Hero is great to get started but if you really want to take this business seriously then there is the option of getting Website Hero Expert which includes as extras a website agency wordpress theme that can be set up in five minutes and ready to go (very impressive). The theme includes, easily customisable layout with a colour changing option, pre uploaded images, text and a sales video. Website Hero Expert also includes another very detailed prospecting video course. With Website Hero Expert you will also receive 4 niche examples that are already mobile friendly and ready to go.

The last thing that is included in Website Hero Expert is a Facebook group (I think this should be included in both Website Hero and Website Hero Expert, Its something that I am going to email Tami about). In Website Hero Expert you will also receive additional video training on how to find a specific niche of clients Worldwide. A further video training on finding another 3 niche set of clients Worldwide. Website Hero Expert will also show you the exact emails that Tami is using to open doors for her with just one email. Website Hero Expert will also include another video training on the email communication that was used to get so many leads that some had to be left alone!


Meet Tami, who is the brains behind Website Hero and Website Hero Expert…read about her below!




Overall Website Hero and Website Hero Expert are very solid good products if you want to get started finding high paying clients to offer your services to, all 21 off them! I think that if you are going to really take this seriously you need to get the Website Hero Expert package as it will increase your learning and sales ratio by a huge amount and save you a load of time!

So there you have it. Website Hero Expert and Website Hero are complete business’ in a Box that anybody can get started and be up and running in no time at all! I do recommend this product for people who want a serious business and growing it with a lot of hot and ready to deal clients!

OTO 1 is called Local Theme Jack Enterprise (Everything that you will need in your theme and more, updated monthly)

OTO 2 is a Biz Lead Finder (You will get access to 100,000’s of business’ an integrated Autoresponder plus a ton of extra goodies which will be shown in the OTO video)

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