WP Blazer Review

WP Blazer Review


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WP Blazer Suite Review! A must Have Tool For Any WP User. Automate Everything!


The last time that WP Blazer came on the market I missed it but this time I have been looking forward to doing my WP Blazer Review since last year and have enjoyed trying WP Blazer out!

Firstly my review access was a little late (though check out my video below for a full walk through) but after testing and using WP Blazer I will be buying this remarkable software.

WP Blazer Review

WP Blazer Review


The sales page of WP Blazer tells you exactly what this software does so I wont bother boring you by repeating the sales page of WP Blazer back to you but I will tell you some of the things that I liked most about it.

Last year this very site got so badly hacked that I had to take it down which lost me a lot of traffic and readers and I spent Thousands of Dollars getting it back up.

WP Blazer now includes a very powerful malware scanner that should stop even the most determined hacker and you can of course use the easy WP Blazer SSL set up which makes your site(s) even more secure.

WP Blazer Review

WP Blazer Review


Years ago I had around 100 WP “Sniper Sites” (basically 1 page sites promoting digital products in almost every niche you could think of).

Now while they made me a good income it was a pain to log in to all of them every day and check for updates of plugins and themes.

If I had had WP Blazer it would have been like having a virtual assistant which would have saved me a ton of time and that is another reason that WP Blazer is a must have for anyone with more than a few sites.

As I said above about WP Blazer even though I currently only manage a handful of sites the other features such as social media sharing, SEO onsite auditing, being able to monitor your sites up time(never believe your hosting company when they say that your up time is 100%…)

Another reason that I know that WP Blazer is a product that is really worth the cost is that Cindy Donovan is behind it. I got very early review access to her last product CinchTweet and am still getting massive amounts of traffic from Twitter and it is constantly being updated.

You can watch the demos of WP Blazer on the sales page but the best way for me to really summarize WP Blazer Suite is that it is the biggest WP time saver and automation tool that I have seen for WordPress EVER!

Having WP Blazer will not only allow you to manage, clone, share and secure your current sites but also allow you to very easily build your list of sites without having to log in every day to check for updates or see that you have not been hacked but allow you to create more and more WP sites thus building a bigger empire of sites.

WP Blazer Review

WP Blazer Review


Having more sites should mean that you are making more money. WP Blazer is like having a virtual assistant that you don’t need to pay, trust with log in details or explain everything twice.

Now if you are an offline marketer just think how easy you can manage ALL of your clients sites giving you more time to get more clients and expand your business!

I think that I don’t even need to tell you what my official WP Blazer Review is? If you have 1 site and plan on expanding then get WP Blazer. If you have so many WP sites that you forget which is which (I’ve been there) then WP Blazer is a must have.

If you manage client sites then you would be crazy to not see how WP Blazer can save you time and money and grow your client base even more!

There are a few Upsells which I will list below but even without any of the upsells WP Blazer is the best tool for WP site owners or WP site managers that I have ever seen or used!


Upsell 1 is called WP Blazer PRO and has quite a few extra features such as SEO tools, Premium back up and social management.


Upsell 2 is Full Developers Licence!


Upsell 3 of WP Blazer is Full White Label Rights (this means that you can sell it as your own, great to sell to clients). There are a load of promo tools and you can even re brand WP Blazer to your own name!







20 Ready To Upload Niche Blogs (20 of the top niches in ready to upload to a domain blog form, all full WordPress sites with a step by step guide)


The New Guide to SEO (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This looks at onsite and offsite SEO from a very new perspective as well as covering some evergreen methods. With this course you will be able to fine tune and rank any site or video very easily. I used a lot of the onsite parts on my own websites. Very solid training!)


Blogging For Massive Profits (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos Start learning from the very beginning how to create a money making Blog or Website and scale up to a full time income from your site. Lots of clever traicks in the setting up stage right through to the driving traffic and making money stage. Then scale up to have a huge part of Online propertly – Great training)


Advanced WordPress Video Training Strategies (16 HD video training series on how to use WordPress and free tools to set up a cash sucking funnel that you can integrate with JVzoo to boost your affiliate commissions and build something solid online – A full and easy to follow course which will surprise you with what you can get online for free to build your IM business)


Google Complete Domination (14 HD Video Training on Everything you will ever need to know about Ranking, SEO and Working With Google + 10 Step by Step PDFs + The Google Masters Blueprint PDF – Everything you will ever need to know about Google, SEO and So Much More – Great for Beginners to Advanced Marketers)


6 Amazing WordPress Plugins ( Tweet Anything – Fast Action Landing Page – Pro e-books from your WordPress posts – Pro email opt-in survey & question pages – Guru Style Video Optin – Landing pages in a FLASH)


Niche Authority Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Learn the power of finding and using the correct niche that has not too much competition or too little and how to exploit it and make the most of any niche that you are already in. Every marketer can use this to save untold hours of research plus training on how to tackle the niche that you are in)


Content Marketing Blueprint (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Everyone has probably heard that content is King, well in this packed course you will learn the many ways that content can be created and used to make easy money and build your business or just how to get started. You will be amazed at how many types of content people use to make huge amounts of recurring income)



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