WP ScratchCard Review

When I was looking through products for something new to review I completely overlooked the WP ScratchCard Plugin, then it got the WSOTD (Warrior Special Offer of the Day) and I went back to see what all the fuss was about and I have to say after playing around with WP ScratchCard I am very impressed.



WP ScratchCard is a WordPress Plugin that takes you 5 minutes to get set up on your site and then you can put any message hidden under the scratch part. For example you could put a free product there then collect the person’s email making WP ScratchCard a powerful list building tool. It would also be great for Offline business’ that wanted to attract some attention because that is what WP ScratchCard does, it makes people unable to resist scratching the card to see what is underneath.

If you think about it in everyday life some people spend a load on Scratch Cards, some even becoming slightly addicted and from what I know of gambling is that it is the fun of doing the action that gets people addicted. Luckily with WP ScratchCard this is a safe and powerful way to get your site or blog noticed and be able to deliver a powerful message.

WP ScratchCard can be used for all kinds of niches and comes in a selection of 10 colours or you can even create your own back ground and you can have whatever you want hidden underneath. Now even though I almost never sign up to lists anymore if I saw a scratch card I wouldn’t be able to resist…would you? To make it even more realistic, when you get to the WP ScratchCard you put your mouse over the scratch card and rub out the blank part revealing what is underneath. If you go to the sales page you can try out an example which is super cool.



WP ScratchCard is either something that you like the idea of or you don’t. There is no doubt in my mind that with WP ScratchCard you will be able to make your site much much more interactive and with a bit of thought you could really increase sales and subscribers using WP ScratchCard

OTO 1 is the WP ScratchCard Pro Developer

OTO 2 is a Hi-Res RF Image Pack (get a ton of graphics and images and loads more)

OTO 3 is a Viral Video Facebook Widget (this will put your video sharing on crazy autopilot and is completely drag and drop)

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