Wp UltraPop Review

Wp UltraPop Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • This is one of the best WP Pop ups on the Market!
  • No ad blocker will stop it!
  • Watch WP Ultra Pop LIVE In Action - Scroll below! PLUS some very must see Bonuses!


  • If you are looking for a new pop up then this has no flaws that I could find!

Wp UltraPop Review – Is this just another pop up or something that can really make a difference?


In this Wp UltraPop review I am going to be brutally honest and tell you what I thought when I first heard of Wp UltraPop.

My first thought really was, Great another WordPress pop up! Don’t we have enough of these on the market?

As I know and very much like one of the guys behind Wp UltraPop (Declan) I promised to have a look at it and see what I thought of it.

Wp UltraPop Review

Wp UltraPop Review


So Last night I spent about an hour messing around with Wp UltraPop too see what it can do, and I have to admit that I actually started to see some very useful features and sites that I could use Wp UltraPop on.

The first thing that got me about Wp UltraPop was how easy it is too set up. I created a few campaigns just for fun on one of my niche sites and could really see the power of it.

Watch The Video Below To See a LIVE Example Of WP Ultrapop in Action!

I must admit that I don’t really like when I click on a website and a video starts playing automatically as if I am working late and have the sound turned up it may disturb my Daughter or Wife or just really annoy me BUT it does get your attention.

Wp UltraPop Review

Wp UltraPop Review


With that being said with Wp UltraPop you can change the features so that you have a few different options.

You can have a video start playing the second that someone opens up your post or set it too play after a certain time or have it so that the reader has to decide to click play!

Of course you don’t have to use video at all. With Wp UltraPop you can also just have a picture pop up or a combination of the two.

Another feature of Wp UltraPop is that you can set up a button and change it so that says anything from “Click Here” to “Buy Now” and you can choose where you send the person who clicks it!

Wp UltraPop Review

Wp UltraPop Review


In my video review of Wp UltraPop I am going to show you a rather cool example of how this can work for you.

I never like to give away the niches that I am working on but here is an a rather funny example of Wp UltraPop that I tested on a site that I own.

So I have a website about Dogs and you set up your Wp UltraPop with a video of a dog singing or barking and when the visitor visits that post you can have Wp UltraPop pop up after a few seconds with a video of the dog singing or barking. Now that is one way to get attention!

Besides the easy use of Wp UltraPop and how customisable it is (you can have it pop up anywhere on your screen or even cover the whole screen) and no ad blocker that I could find will stop it.

Wp UltraPop Review

Wp UltraPop Review


Besides the pop up tool that I am using on this site at the moment Wp UltraPop is the only other pop up that I have tested that does not get stopped by ad blockers which means that everyone gets your message!

Another great feature that I like is that after creating your Wp UltraPop campaign you can use a tiny short link to add it to any post or page that you want. I like this because it means that every post can have a different message and be linked to a different product or squeeze page.

So the sales page of Wp UltraPop is very detailed of what Wp UltraPop actually does so no need to go into too much more detail besides giving my final Wp UltraPop Review!

My overall review is that I really like Wp UltraPop and am very seriously considering swapping my current pop up for Wp UltraPop.

The only reason that I have not done so is that I would have to add it to every post and I have a lot of posts on this site.

With that being said I found this in perfect time to use on a few new sites that I am creating!


There are only 2 OTO’s or Upsells which is nice!


OTO 1 is called Wp UltraPop PRO!


OTO 2 is Wp UltraPop Reseller Rights (So basically you can sell it as your own)




WP SociConnect Reseller Rights (This is an amazing bonus that was released very recently and is still for sale.)


Animatio Reseller Rights (Another amazingly cool plug in that I actually bought to use on another site of mine!)


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