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WPMassTube is a simple to use WordPress Plugin that can be used to add videos to your WordPress site and then monetise them. WPMassTube could be very useful if you are going to be making a lot of posts or pages that require some videos, and the good thing about WPMassTube is that you dont need to make the videos yourself. All you have to do with WPMassTube is to enter your keyword or what your post is about and it will select the most suitable and most watched videos straight from YouTube.

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The makers of WPMassTube had the foresight to check the YouTube TOS and the Plugin is allowed. This will be a short review as what WPMassTube does is quite simple but also quite powerful. For any Bloggers out there think of the times that you have posted videos on your post and then had to go through YouTube to find some suitable videos to add. Yes, that only takes a few minutes but if someone clicks on that video they will go back to the persons YouTube video…

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That is where WPMassTube comes in, once you have it installed on your post you select which niche of videos you want and how many and then they are automatically uploaded making your post much more alive. Now the next smart part of WPMassTube. You now have the option to put a ‘call to action’ button on the videos on your site so that they can be clicked and the person clicking will go to your affiliate link or wherever you want them to go!

If you are a Blogger or just need to add related videos to your site and not worry about people clicking the video and leaving your site then WPMassTube has you covered!

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WPMassTube is easy to use and self explanatory, so its really up to you if you think that this is something that will help you out!

There are a few OTO’s

OTO 1 is WPMassTube – Upgrade To PLR!

OTO 2 is WPMassTube – Upgrade To Resale Rights!

OTO 3 is WPMassTube – Upgrade To Developer!

I am sure you don’t need me to explain what the OTO’s mean!!??

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