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Welcome to 2 of my Evergreen training courses and a FULL Suite of Software.


Firstly Traffic Victory!

Even though I launched Traffic Victory with my 2 friends and business partners Stefan and Greg (ALL of the training is created by me)

Traffic Victory is about building a marketing site using my own site as an example / case study.

I teach you exactly how to set up the most highly optimized marketing site possible and rank it for upcoming products and evergreen products.

You just have to go onto Google and you can see my results for yourself, I never teach theory!

Traffic Victory

Traffic Victory


I show multiple case studies and the main training is around 9 hours. Traffic Victory is not a quick push button method but a real training course that I walk you through in an over the shoulder style explaining everything that you need to know to build a 5 or 6 figure authority site.

Many top marketers gave feedback saying that Traffic Victory should have been sold for 4 figures, many also now rank on the first page of Google and Bing due to what I revealed!

I reveal everything and Traffic Victory has created many success stories, I also support my products by answering and helping everyone who buys my products through a private invite only Facebook group.

Get Traffic Victory by CLICKING HERE!



My next course I launched with my good friend and fellow marketer Trevor Carr called The Big Five!


After the huge amount of great feedback from Traffic Victory I knew that I had to do one better.

So I created “The Big Five”!

I totally opened up my WHOLE business in the The Big Five and again created an over the shoulder incredibly detailed training course that is again changing lives.

The Big Five is over 7 hours of intensive training.

The feedback I have gotten so far has been incredible. Unlike many product creators who show you a small part of a business I wanted this to be a follow along business that I and many successful marketers use but rarely talk about…The Big Five!

The Big Five is not just some quick trick it is exactly how I have perfected my online business model that anyone can follow and apply to any niche.

The Big Five

The Big Five


There are 5 main elements or pieces of online property that once set up will only continue to grow and grow.

They are as follows and when you know how to combine them you will finally have a complete blueprint that has taken me years to perfect.

The 5 main pieces of online property are as follows:


A very highly optimized and ready to grow website!

A powerful YouTube channel and videos to grow it quickly and drive traffic!

A very active Facebook group where you can build a relationship with your followers!

A list that you can keep on building through free methods!

A product that you can create from PLR or by yourself to use to make money or build your buyers list or both!


The one thing that I will say about The Big Five and Traffic Victory is that they can take time to set up because I am teaching you how to do it properly.

I get lots of much bigger marketers coming to me regularly asking for advice on SEO or organic traffic.

So take it at your own pace, take notes and you will succeed!

The Big Five is now selling for $67 BUT if you buy it through my site I will give you can get it for a LIMITED Time for $12.95

To get the Big Five CLICK HERE!





Lastly is a set of every software that you would need to grow your business. This was not created by me but I now hold the only licence rights to this huge package which includes Webinars, pop ups, page builders, video creation tool and a whole lot more including training and lots of software with giveaway rights. 

Profit Canvas

Profit Canvas


Profit Canvas was created by Brett Retucky who answers all support questions as he designed and coded all the software.

This is something that you can’t get anywhere else and something that I use myself.


Check out Profit Canvas by CLICKING HERE



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