Chatting With Stefan Ciancio About Online Marketing, Success, Failures and Insecurities.

A Few Days Ago I was invited to be Interviewed by Stefan Ciancio Who is one of the biggest Names in Online Marketing As Well As Being a Top Product vendor and Super Affiliate!



So as I mentioned above Stefan sent me a message to ask me if he could interview me for his new Action Taking Blogger YouTube Channel!

I have done a few interviews before with big name marketers but it was always about a product or training that I had created.

So getting asked to be interviewed by Stefan for his new Action Taking Blogger YouTube channel was quite an honor.

Action Taking Blogger
Action Taking Blogger


Earlier this year I created and launched a product with Stefan and his partner Greg which got amazing reviews (Traffic Victory) and even now I see people ranking on Google beside me using my methods that I taught.

You can now only get Traffic Victory through this site AND its free…dont miss out.

So anyway besides already having worked with Stefan he wanted to interview me because I am a full time Online Marketer who in Stefan’s words “Has already made it”.

Stefan is a huge name in the Online Marketing World already and really is one of the guys that I respect the most as he does what he teaches!

I was not sure what we were going to chat about so didn’t have anything prepared but it was just a friendly chat about how I am able to make a full time income Online without releasing a new product every Month.

Though even that statement above is not really true…Stefan wanted to hear about my background and how I got into Online Marketing and how I got to where I am now.

After watching the interview once it was published I realized that he had really got me to open up about some of my fears in growing my business (which I would normally never share).

Check Our The Full Interview Below! Enjoy!

I also shared some of the things that I would do if I had to start over again and some little tips that I use or did use to get where I am now.

I also admitted that I did fail for years before finding a winning formula and over coming a lot of fears which is what Traffic Victory is about.

I really think that what Stefan’s new channel is aiming at is hearing from real people who do work full time online and to hear about the struggles that we all go through.

Many marketers make it sound like they were born Internet Marketers and hide their failures, only ever showing off their successes…

Stefan’s Action Taking Blogger YouTube channel and website is in my opinion a great idea as there is nothing to buy from watching these interviews and free training videos on traffic and much more.

Rather you can get a real impression of the people that he will be talking to on his channel and I know that some of the biggest names in the Internet or Online Marketing space will be there!

We also chatted before and after the interview about some very interesting things including Stefan’s upcoming training which after going through I have to say I really loved and will be using the methods to boost my own business.

Anyway I thought that I would just share this little story and give you the chance to see the real me and to tell you to subscribe to Stefan’s new Action Taking Blogger YouTube Channel.

Its definitely worth keeping an eye on if you like to see real people opening up and also get free quality training.

I met Stefan at the Marketing Summit in Portugal this October where we had a few beers together ?

Check out the links below and I hope that you visit and subscribe to Stefan’s NEW Action Taking Blogger Channel!

I know that you wont regret it and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 1 click on that big RED button and you are subscribed ?


Check Out The Action Taking Blogger Channel Here –



Thanks For Reading And Watching Guys! Any Questions About Anything Comment Below!






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