Creaite Review

Creaite Review


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Welcome to my Creaite Review, does this software really do what it says?


Hello Dear readers, In a sea of horrible software’s being released without any care or thought I am going to show you in my Creaite Review why this is perhaps the best software that I have reviewed EVER!

I have to say that I love this new software Creaite!!!

***Note – Use marc60 at check out for 60% off Creaite

Creaite Review

Creaite Review

Getting content created is one of the biggest and most important part of most businesses.

Good content can be used for websites, niche specific blogs, Web 2.0s such as Medium, posting on social media or even to be used in video creation.

Over the years I have tried many software’s that promise unique content and have spent 1000’s on hiring writers, which can get really expensive as you get what you pay for with freelancers.

I came across Creaite by complete accident.

I saw a post in a friends Facebook group that was an article about affiliate marketing and the owner of the group had simply written “Would you use this article on your website?”

Creaite Review

Creaite Review


I commented that I would tweak a few words to make it my own but that yes I would definitely use it on my website.

Later that day after a lot of other people had commented and the owner of the group said that it was from a software that he was testing called Creaite.

My first thought was I have to get this software to do a Creaite Review.

Which I did and have been testing it ever since.

I actually did the same thing that my friend did and posted an article about blogging in my own Facebook group.

Most of my members actually thanked me for providing such valuable content, that is when I knew that I was onto a winner with Creaite.

Like I said over the years I have tested software that pulled content from YouTube or spun existing content and some other worse methods that I won’t even mention here.

Creaite Review

Creaite Review


The problem with the pulling content from YouTube method is that you would never know if someone else had done the same, thus meaning that you now had duplicate content.

Or if the software still works as YouTube are always changing their rules to stop such software’s…

If you “spun” the article or content it read very badly and you would have to completely rewrite the content, so basically a waste of time.

When you use Creaite all the you have to is select your niche then find a sentence on Google that starts the AI engine and within a maximum of 90 seconds you have a new article that is 100% unique.

I even went to copyscape (a website that tells you if that content is already online or not) and the articles were completely original.

Now I am not going to pretend that I understand how an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine works as that is way beyond my skill set.

What I can tell you if you have any doubts is that this product comes from Joshua Zamora who in my opinion has never released a bad software and all of his software’s still work.

Actually I will be ranking this website and video review with his software called Syndtrio which I have been using for about 5 years now and it still works perfectly.

Getting original content for my niche sites and even with a few touch ups I will be using the articles for this website.

While I love doing written content and reviews my hands are not what they used to be.

Years of boxing and MMA have given me multiple broken bones and as a present from my Mum I am starting to get arthritis.

Creaite Review

Creaite Review


As I have my own copy of Creaite in my video review I will show you the articles that I have already created with the software and will show you how fast you can create new ones.

Now I could go on and on about how great Creaite is and I am sure that all the other reviews will be saying the same but have a look at some of the previous software that they have “reviewed”.

You will see that they have either copied the sales page or just told you how great it is without actually testing the software and offer you a lot of bonuses to get it from their link.

On this website I only review software such as Creaite that I have actually tested and would use myself.

For example I still use Syndtrio and I still use a traffic software called Trafficzion and I will be using Creaite in all of my future projects.

So my final Creaite review is do not miss out on this and get in at the low launch price (after the launch it will go up to double)

There are a few OTO’s which I will list below


OTO 1 of Creaite is Monthly extra credits Plus you will get access to another 70 sub niches (If you have a lot of niche sites then this is perfect)


OTO 2 of Creaite unlocks the Hyperwriter feature which allows you to be able to create 5 articles at a time plus it will allow you to write in 12 of the most common languages and lastly it has the Q&A writing feature (At the moment I only have the main product but I will probably upgrade to this OTO as well)


OTO 3 is the Creaite plugin which will automatically post the content to your sites for you (This is an OTO that personally I will not be getting as I like to optimise my own content)


OTO 4 is the Creaite Whitelabel which if you are selling the articles then this will really help you.






20 Complete database WordPress Blogs (These are FULL WordPress websites that only need to be uploaded to a domain. Included are Plugins, custom themes, content which you can replace or add with your new content from Creaite, banners, Logos. Basically full beautiful ready to go websites in 20 different niches)


Traffic Booster 2021 (I have just got this 16 part video training and full walk through PDF that shows you the top ten traffic methods to use in 2021 to drive traffic to your blog or website. Includes both free and paid methods)


Content Marketing Blueprint 2021 (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Everyone has probably heard that content is King, well in this packed course you will learn the many ways that content can be used to make easy money and build your business or just how to get started. You will be amazed at how many types of content people use to make huge amounts of recurring income)


WP Full Training and Sales Package (This is a huge package of 31 WP training videos, graphics, PDF training guide, email swipes, DFY squeeze pages, DFY legal pages, Mind map, Cheat Sheet, DFY sales copy, a Mini site, Resource report, free marketing tools report and a LOT more. I got this just for this launch because it is perfect for this software)


WordPress Super Affiliate Training (This is an intensive 8 part video training on how to use WP together with mapping, planning, plugins to set up ANY WP site to turn it into a super affiliate machine)


My Big Five + 2 OTO’s (My 2 time award winning training that shows you exactly how I run my own business which includes a combination of the 5 Big elements, a highly optimised website, a highly optimised YouTube channel, a list grown in 2 ways, a targeted FB group and your own product which you can use to make money or capture leads. This is my flagship product which still sells daily)


Facebook Groups On Fire 2021 (Main course PDF, Mindmap PDF and 10 HD videos that walk you through the power of using Facebook groups to build up quickly a group of people who are very eager to learn about whatever niche you choose. Finding good content for FB groups is the hardest part but with this new software you will never run out)


A Link Blast (Over the years I have grown my own network of Web 2.0s and I use them to send high quality links to my websites and videos. I will send a blast of 50 links to your website or video and you can watch your traffic and rankings rise. Limited time bonus)



Get ALL OF My Bonuses Above When You Get Creaite Through This Website. Simply Click Here!





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