Webinarkit Review

Webinarkit Review – A MONSTER Piece of Software that needs checking out!


Hello Readers, I never say in the beginning of any reviews if I like the product or not BUT in my Webinarkit Review I have to say that this is an incredible piece of software and one that I will be buying for myself.

Before I get right into this review I should say about the power of Webinars just in case you don’t see the potential of this new software.

The first thing is having your own Webinar means that instead of trying to sell low ticket products for 10 Dollars you can make as much as 2000 Dollars from 1 sale.

Webinarkit Review
Webinarkit Review

I know a lot of people who stopped releasing low ticket products and only run Webinars now.

Every person that has a low ticket launch needs something on the Backend to sell to their new customers be it training or a software and usually use Webbys.

That means if you have a Webinar you get the leads from all of the people who sign up to your Webinar and you make a lot of money.

This year instead of launching another low ticket product my plan is to run a Webinar and sell high ticket SEO training.

Webinarkit Review
Webinarkit Review


Webinarkit is perfect for everyone of any level.

The last time I saw and tested such a powerful easy to use software was something called TrafficZion which like Webinarkit gave an unfair advantage to anyone using it.

If like me you have your own content you can upload it into the Webinarkit software and either run live Webinars or use a replay.

If you are a complete beginner but want a slice of those high ticket sales you can run someone else’s Webinar by simply getting your affiliate link and uploading it to Webinarkit where it will run the replay for you.

To make it even easier the guys behind Webinarkit have included the links to 5 high converting and proven Webinars in a variety of niches (though if you just take a look on Clickbank you will find many that you can use)!

Webinarkit Review
Webinarkit Review


All that you have to do is get your affiliate link which is instant and upload the replay of the Webinar replay which you can then drive traffic to or invite people to using all of the usual traffic methods that you would use for promoting low ticket training.

Personally for me I have not got around to putting my content into a Webby because the software’s that I have tried just made it so complicated that I gave up but with Webinarkit they make it so easy I can finally do it in a few clicks.

Now back to if you are a beginner.

You are maybe thinking how do I get the traffic to my autowebinar and start making sales?

Included in the Webinarkit package is training on how exactly to do this and I am going to be giving you a load of powerful traffic methods to get your Webinarkit link to as many people as possible.

This will also mean that everyone who signs up to your Webinar will be added to your list so you can remarket to them again.

I can honestly say that with the Webinarkit software I have never seen or used a software that is so user friendly but does so much.

Webinarkit Review
Webinarkit Review


If you are a blogger or video marketer all you would have to do is add your Webinarkit link below every post or video and you will instantly have people signing up.

Just last night I watched a Webby on Local marketing which was a replay or pre-recorded and got a ton of information from it.

I really can’t explain how this will change the lives of so many people who are either want to grow their business or just get started.

The last thing that I will say in my Webinarkit review is that I am sold, literally, as soon as it goes live I will be buying my own copy while it is at a one time fee!

Just now I only have a test account but can see how this will change my 2021 goals!


OTO 1 is WebinarKit Pro!


OTO 2 is WebinarKit Chat Simulator!


OTO 3 is WebinarKit Sales Accelerator!





Webinar Marketing POWER (16 HD Video step by step training on the power of using Webinars and where to find the best ones to promote. This product is from my personal collection when trying to work out how set up my own Webinar)


Webinar For PRO’s (main course PDF + 10 HD Videos on how to get started and build a webinar series that will build up your knowledge of being able to channel that traffic to even higher value webinars.)


My Big Five PLUS 2 OTOs (My 2 time award winning training that shows you exactly how I run my own business which includes a combination of the 5 Big elements, a highly optimised website, a highly optimised YouTube channel, a list grown in 2 ways, a targeted FB group and your own product plus all the ways that I drive traffic and use assets for getting traffic. You can use all of these methods or just 1 to drive huge amounts of traffic to anywhere. The OTOS include advanced traffic methods and a lot of DFY material including graphics and a product finder. Perfect for this software) –


Pinterest Ads Crash Course (A training By Stefan Ciancio on how he is getting 200% ROI on Pinterest ads. A cheap and powerful way to get targeted clicks to your links)


Viral Traffic Software (Powerful WP Plugin that allows you to create and manage viral campaigns allowing for massive amounts of free targeted traffic. Comes with 4 HD videos on how to set up and how to get the most from this viral software!)


Tidalwave Traffic (A full video training on various traffic methods that can be set up to drive traffic to anywhere you want, set it up once and forget about it)


My Mega Pinterest Package (It took me and my VA days to put this package together which includes everything that you could ever need to know about Pinterest including getting free software and Chrome extensions. Includes 5 PDF’s and 10 videos. This will make you an expert on Pinterest which is a powerful traffic source that is very much under used)


Online Ads Secrets (main course PDF – 24 HD videos that will teach you every type of online ads and how to use them to create massive income streams. Including Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Display ads, LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads. This is a packed PDF and 24 video over the shoulder training that will help you become a master with paid ads)


Twenty Three Free Traffic Methods (23 HD Videos which include the OTOs on using the best and easiest free traffic systems out there. Some are set and forget and some are daily methods but all in all this training will make you a master of your own free traffic methods)


Get ALL OF The Bonuses Above By Clicking HERE Through My Sites Exclusive Links!





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