Where is the new fetch as google?

Where is the new fetch as google?


Hey Rockstars, If any of you have went through any of my products on SEO or ranking websites then you will have heard me talking about using fetch as google.

In a nutshell fetch as google was used to get almost instant indexing on Google by using a tool inside of Google Search Console.

The old Fetch as Google

The old Fetch as Google


Now it is always better to get Google to find your site on its own but the fetch as google tool was very handy to get that instant indexing.

Over the last several months Google search console have slowly been pushing over to their new search console look and changing the names of things…confusing?




So anyway we all have to adapt as it is Google after all and if you have a website then you will know, please Google and you can make money and get free traffic.

The new tool to get instant indexing is now called the URL inspection tool, basically a clever description for the same thing!

The new URL Inspection Tool

The new URL Inspection Tool


Everything else in the new search console is basically the same but the fetch as google or as we now know it, The URL Inspection tool was one of the biggest changes.

When I used it yesterday it seemed to work in a few seconds and I went straight to page 1, number 1 so no real complaints.

When you are submitting your new post to The URL Inspection Tool Google will warn you of this but I will just repeat it.

Only submit your post once unless you make changes and want to be re – indexed. If you keep submitting the same post over and over Google will take a lot longer to ever crawl your site.

So you can stop searching for Fetch as Google as the almighty giants have replaced it once and for all with The URL Inspection Tool!

So get writing or blogging and get instant indexing and share this post if you found it helpful!


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