AI Prodigy Review

Welcome to my AI Prodigy review which has one major flaw so read on and find out what!


This Ai Prodigy review I have to start by saying is training ONLY, this does NOT include any software to create videos.

As I have seen in other programs you need a video creation software that does not come with the training called Pictory (which is basically a Vidnami replacement).

I own Pictory and highly recommend it, you can even get a free trial by clicking here, no upfront payment needed and if you enter the code below at checkout you get 20% off your subscription until you cancel. The code is –  marc94

Ai Prodigy Review Headline
Ai Prodigy Review Headline


The other option which is taught in AI Prodigy is too create new accounts each time you have used the free option.

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube, creating captivating videos that generate consistent income can be a tough and time consuming task.

Many hesitate to start this journey due to a variety of reasons, including the fear of being on camera.

Even though I believe that depending on the niche especially if it is a channel like the one that is linked to this website you should show your face as taught in a great evergreen training called iPassive from 2019 which I still refer back to.

Ai Prodigy Review members Area 1
Ai Prodigy Review members Area 1


However, with AI Prodigy, a new training that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), those steps are easy to overcome.

In my AI Prodigy review, we will see how this new training allows you to build a successful monetised YouTube channel from scratch while getting the benefits of the YouTube Partner Program and Affiliate Commissions.

AI Prodigy is an all-in-one training program that teaches you an exact system and provides the necessary knowledge to thrive in the world of AI-driven content creation.

With AI Prodigy, you can harness the full potential of Artificial Intelligence, removing the need for face-to-camera videos and voiceovers.

This means that regardless of your comfort level or prior experience, you can create captivating content that generates passive income consistently.

Ai Prodigy Review Any Niche
Ai Prodigy Review Any Niche


One of the standout features of AI Prodigy is its ability to generate a passive income stream on YouTube.

Gone are the days of spending countless hours scripting, filming, and editing videos.

With AI Prodigy, the AI technology takes care of these tasks, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business or personal life.

For people who prefer to keep their face off camera and avoid the need for voiceovers, AI Prodigy is a perfect solution.

The training program shows you how to create high quality videos without ever showing your face or using your own voice.

The AI technology available now can create engaging content, ensuring that your audience keeps watching.

AI Prodigy provides a step-by-step training system that shows members how to crush it on YouTube.

From initial setup to video creation, the program guides you through each stage, leaving no room for confusion or guesswork.

Ai Prodigy Review Modules
Ai Prodigy Review Modules


The actionable content ensures that you can implement the strategies immediately, without any unnecessary fluff or time wasted.

AI Prodigy recognizes the value of time and offers the option to outsource various aspects of your YouTube channel.

This module shows you how to outsource video creation so can you can start what I call a cash cow channel.

My final AI Prodigy review is AI is a true breakthrough in the World of online success with training for those who wish to monetize YouTube without appearing on camera or using their own voice.

Though again remember that the 2 ways taught to make the actual videos are from getting Pictory or outsourcing the videos.

With AI Prodigy you can embark on a journey of creating a successful YouTube channel, generating regular income through the YouTube Partner Program and Affiliate Commissions.

No previous experience is required, and the training ensures that you can start leveraging AI to its full potential right away.


There are a few OTO’s which I have put below



OTO 2: Mass Traffic

OTO 3: Product Launching Formula

OTO 4: Empire VIP Club

OTO 5: Resell Rights





WordPress Tube Ninja (A powerful Software to Boost YouTube Videos to your WordPress site – Includes – WP Plugin + WP Theme + 6 over the shoulder training videos, This will increase your YouTube and WP Traffic by as much as 500%.)


9 Related Bonuses (These bonuses are a set of 9 bonuses of PDFs and a WP plugin, including – Youtube Studio, How to Use Social Networks to Build a Lists, YouTube Marketing, Social Media Marketing Revolution, Free Facebook Traffic Strategies Video, Web Traffic Excellence, Telegram Marketing Secrets, Youtube Channel SEO, WP Youtube Leads Plugin)


5 Ways To Build Your Authority on YouTube (Growing Youtube subscribers is not an easy task as it involves developing trust and establishing authority. We will help you attain your dream with our 5 ways to build your authority on Youtube.)


The Traffic Handbook Video Course (This video course will show you tested techniques on how to drive traffic to your website. You will learn internet savvy strategies you can use to grow your followers on social media, build your email list and increase your sales.)


How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer (Renowned social media celebrities have used these strategies in building their niche in the wide world of social media. Let us help you in this exciting world so you can be the next king or queen of social media.)


How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer – Upgrade (In this video upgrade, we will help you to master your influencing skills through tried and tested techniques. Together, we will help you become the next big “thing” in social media.)


Youtube Quick Start (If you are new to Youtube, we will take you from newbie to master in a short time. With our package of resources we will train you for a quick start to success on Youtube.)


Modern Vlogging (With our package of resources, we will teach you how to Vlog your way to success. Increase your business followers and subscribers by learning the secret to Vlogging success.)


Modern Vlogging Video Upgrade (With this video upgrade, we take Vlogging learning to the next level. We will teach you in clear video instructions how to make Vlogging your tool for Internet success.)


Freedom Online Business Upgrade (Our video instructions will guide and teach you in a clear and practical way how to start and run your business online. With these internet-tested techniques we will help you attain freedom and success in the online business world.)


Video Blogging Profits (Create your first simple video blog and generate profit from it. We will teach you how to make viral videos and become the next video superstar.)


Video Blogging Your Way To Millions (With proper guidance and techniques you can attain millions by joining and leading in the world of video blogging. We will teach how to make your video blogs cash generators.)



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