iPassive Review

iPassive Review – A Product That I am Kicking Myself For Not Thinking Of!


Hello Readers, I am always happy when I see other people making huge amounts of money online but after going through my iPassive Review copy I have to admit to being a tiny bit jealous of not thinking of this exact method.

Actually I would say it was a cross of Wow, A little bit of jealousy and wanting to kick myself for not starting this myself sooner.

iPassive Review
iPassive Review


Before we get on with my iPassive Review I wanted to tell you that I have just recorded a 40 Minute video showing you tricks to YouTube ranking and getting ahead that will catapult you so far ahead of your competition, this is not only SEO!

I have never shared these methods outside of my 5000 Dollar one on one coaching AND I will be taking it down as it is unfair to my private students if I kept it up here for such a low price.

Let’s be honest and say that we see a lot of YouTube training courses, which is what iPassive is about.

iPassive Review
iPassive Review

Why is iPassive so different?

Why did iPassive impress me so much?

Well the answer is that I have never seen a newbie start getting such fast passive income results before.

This training is brought to us by Mark Furniss, who I have actually recently seen on a couple of affiliate leaderboards. He is a full time YouTuber and Affiliate marketer.

iPassive is NOT about creating review videos, though they are mentioned.

Rather this is about creating videos that promote basically anything that you want completely passively through the power of YouTube and a few other free platforms.

iPassive Review
iPassive Review


Now creating videos is nothing new and creating passive income videos is nothing new but I have never seen it done quite like this before.

Also Mark was a complete beginner a few Months ago and paid for high ticket coaching and followed it and got amazing results that he is now showing and revealing all in iPassive.

So you could look at this training as someone who paid top Dollar for expensive training, took action and is now breaking down it down into even easier steps because he was a beginner not so long ago so knows how to explain it in a very easy to follow way.

Even on the iPassive sales page if you watch the sales video after Trevor (his launch partner) has finished talking he shows every Month from when he started until now.

In his overview of how much he is making he shows sales on Warrior Plus but as he goes on he is showing results from at least 10 different affiliate platforms as well as the 5 figures a Month he is making from Google ads putting ads on his videos.

I genuinely can’t remember a training that is so straight to the point as iPassive!

It is very rare that someone starts making so much money so quickly and actually has huge amounts of passive income and that he shows how to do it.

His mentor or coach is a guy called Andy Hafell who I met in person last year in Portugal and honestly I had no idea that he was such an amazing marketer.

What Andy and now Mark do is not launch products but use videos to build evergreen money traps that can promote whatever product that they want.

Think about creating an evergreen video in a niche that will never get old or boring and simply grows with views, subscribers and of course sales.

I was actually told by a marketer who I launched my first product with that I should start using YouTube for more than just views.

I said “Yes, great idea”, then never went back to it. Now I see the results that this marketer is getting and know that I should have started sooner.

iPassive Review
iPassive Review


After going over iPassive about 4 times I have already added all the details for 3 videos that I can create and revamp my current channel which is linked to this website.

That means that if I do 1 video every 2 days in 2 months I will have 30 new videos on my channel (and if you have bought this training through my site with the main bonus that I am giving away) you can be doing the very same thing and getting the same results as me.

In my bonus training I actually show you my results and how much I make without using this method.

Now if I implement iPassive then I see my business and earnings Quadrupling, if not more!

Actually if you are very serious about changing your life with iPassive then you can join my Facebook group or contact me and show me your new videos and that will push me to not get distracted on all of the other projects that I had planned ?

A win win!

So my final iPassive review is that together with my private training it is almost impossible to not succeed. The only way that I see you not succeeding is not taking action.

Alright then, I will quickly list the OTO’s as usual. If you are buying this training you should be as excited as me!


OTO 1 is 15 Done for you videos – bonus pages & Bonuses!


OTO 2 is The Hottest Niches & Affiliate Programs to get started in!


OTO 3 is 30 Day Fast Track! Get profiting even faster!






Marcs Private Coaching Secrets (I just created this 40 Minute video which shows you how to get a complete unfair advantage over anyone else who uses this system. I show you how to get started with a Channel with 100’s of subscribers and literally cut off as much as 10 years of YouTube channel growth. I HAVE NEVER shared these secrets outside of my 5000 Dollar coaching. This will give you an advantage unlike anything you can imagine. This is so powerful people could say it is Blackhat (But of course it is NOT). If you buy this course without this bonus you will really regret it!)


A Collection Of My Top SEVEN YouTube Trainings (This is a Huge Library of training. Seven different trainings which include over 25 PDF’s and 50 videos plus a YouTube software. These include everything from SEO, channel optimization, YouTube Lives, Editing, The “Celeb” System and countless other tips and tricks. You can download these 1 at a time or all at once)


Traffic Victory PLUS BOTH OTO’s (This is my evergreen training that is still selling that includes everything that you need to know to build a powerful website exactly like mine. Plus multiple case studies. and hours of detailed training. PLUS ALL Upsells. Which include more advanced case studies, using YouTube and Facebook traffic. Also 15 premium products with PDFs and videos that I am giving you the right to give away as BONUSES. iPassive IS a YouTube training but having somewhere to send your traffic WILL help)


Google and YouTube Analytics (A Huge Package with over 20 videos plus EVERYTHING from sales pages to intro video, graphics, lead grabbing page, banners, presell videos, call to action Tweets, teaser page, legal pages, website, email series and a LOT more!)


Marc’s Golden Niche Selector (My own best selling tool that I still use. This took me 2 Months to put together. It covers 90 sub niches and 4 main niches. Under every niche is a clickable link which takes you to a high converting digital product on Clickbank. A crazy Time saver)



Get ALL Of The Above Carefully Created and Selected For This Product By CLICKING HERE!




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  1. Thank you ryzonic,

    You may have noticed that the videos that I make now for this site are NOT review videos but evergreen videos modeled after iPassive! I also have a list of great training videos that I will be recording shortly and some that lift the lid on the BS inside parts of the make money online niche!

    Thanks for dropping a comment, I greatly appreciate it!



  2. Great review blog post very informative:)

  3. Thank you Catherine,

    I am actually trying to rebrand to TWOOM instead of the wolf of online marketing 🙂 I will be using the same YouTube channel for implementing the methods taught in this training so was not sure about the wolf or TWOOM!

    Thanks for stopping by,



  4. I like your article and name – wolf of online marketing. Clever.

  5. Thanks for dropping by but I have no idea what you mean? “programmatic buying”?

  6. Informative article, love it. Can you also touch on programmatic buying I need more info on it from an online market like you

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