What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing and why Does It works So Well!


Now I know that many of you may already know what affiliate marketing is but for those who are considering a way to make money online and are new to the whole Making Money Online concept let me explain why affiliate marketing is so easy to get started with.

If you have been around the Online Marketing World for a bit you will have for sure heard of affiliates or becoming an affiliate?

As you can see on this very site and I am sure that you have had people emailing you about buying some great new product, either digital or a physical product they are not doing it too be nice but rather are affiliates.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
An Affiliate Link From Clickbank.com!

The thing is that when you click and look at the product you can see that the person writing or emailing or talking about the product actually never created or made the product, so why are they selling someone else’s product?

Well the very simple answer is that the person promoting someone else’s product gets a commission or percentage from every unit they sell.

There are multiple affiliate networks or online companies that have affiliates such as Jvzoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank (these 3 only have digital training courses or online software’s).

Then for physical products probably the biggest and most popular is Amazon!

Now the process to becoming an affiliate is actually very easy.

First you have to simply create an account at the network of your choosing so that you can get your affiliate link.

An affiliate link is your personal link that you can put anywhere and if someone clicks and buys through your link then you get credit for the sale and receive whatever the agreed commission is.

Now the commission that you make per sale can vary from 100% (the full cost of the product) or as little as 5 to 10% but on a $1000 product that is not bad at all!

So why do so many people become affiliates?

Well if you are an affiliate for someone else’s product you never have to worry about creating the product or dealing with any customer service, you simply find a way to get traffic to your own affiliate link and make sure that the person buys through your link.

Sounds easy right? Well it actually is as long as you have the right method to get the right people to your affiliate link!

What is Affiliate Marketing?
An affiliate link from Warrior Plus!


There are Thousands of ways to go about making affiliate commissions and many people make a full time living from just being an affiliate. To name just a few, there is Video Marketing, email marketing and Blogging!

One of my personal favourite ways that I teach beginners and do myself is to create a review video with completely free tools and have your affiliate link below the video!

As the new year starts I will be posting more and more reviews of GOOD products but also a lot more FREE trainings and Online Marketing Information. If you have any questions simply post them below and I will answer them all!

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