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Elevate Your Affiliate Profits with my  CopyCatalyst CPS Review – Copy, Paste, Share, and Profit!


Welcome Dear Readers to my CopyCatalyst CPS Review where I am going to simplify this training that you will be hearing a lot about.

In the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing, a clever new method has been getting a LOT of attention recently.

Its name is CopyCatalyst CPS.

Developed and meticulously tested by marketer Mark Bishop, who is also the brains behind BLOX 1 and Version 2, this approach is complete simplicity in the affiliate marketing landscape.

CopyCatalyst CPS Review with The Sales Page Claims
CopyCatalyst CPS Review with The Sales Page Claims


Understanding CopyCatalyst CPS:

The basis of CopyCatalyst CPS lies in its straightforward acronym—CPS, which stands for Copy, Paste, Share.

It encapsulates the core philosophy of this never been done affiliate system.

Theres no rehashed strategies and intricate setups here, CopyCatalyst CPS simplifies the path to affiliate commissions for everyone.

The Mechanics Behind CopyCatalyst CPS:

Mark Bishop’s system operates on a brilliantly simple concept.

Take a digital product’s sales page, insert your affiliate link, convert it into a PDF, and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

CopyCatalyst CPS Review of The Welcome Members Area
CopyCatalyst CPS Review of The Welcome Members Area


When intrigued users open the PDF, they’re presented with the original sales page of the digital product you’re promoting.

Any click on the links redirects them to the authentic sales page, potentially leading to a conversion.

Realizing Success with CopyCatalyst CPS:

The authenticity of CopyCatalyst CPS is backed by real case studies by Mark.

From using new TikTok accounts to posts on Facebook and Instagram, the method has demonstrated its power in generating affiliate commissions without the need for a substantial following.

Key Features of CopyCatalyst CPS:

Copy, Paste, Share: This three-step mantra makes affiliate marketing accessible to everyone, irrespective of their experience level.

No-Cost Implementation:

A refreshing break from costly ad campaigns or complex setups, CopyCatalyst CPS requires zero financial investment to get started.

Proven Results: This isn’t mere theory.

CopyCatalyst CPS Multiple Case Studies Review
CopyCatalyst CPS Multiple Case Studies Review


Mark and his team actively use CopyCatalyst CPS, making thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

No Subscriber Lists or Landing Pages:

Say goodbye to the learning process of managing subscriber lists or creating landing pages.

CopyCatalyst CPS streamlines your affiliate marketing journey.

Comprehensive Video Training:

It’s not just a concept, CopyCatalyst CPS is a comprehensive video training program that guides you through each step of the process.

In a World of Complexity, CopyCatalyst CPS Stands Out:

CopyCatalyst CPS Review of The Detailed Over The Shoulder Training
CopyCatalyst CPS Review of The Detailed Over The Shoulder Training


Among a sea of intricate affiliate marketing strategies, CopyCatalyst CPS shows off simplicity and effectiveness.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a newcomer, this method provides an avenue for affiliate success without the usual complications.

Conclusion and my Overall CopyCatalyst CPS Review :

CopyCatalyst CPS isn’t merely another affiliate marketing product, it’s a tried, tested, and practical system designed to simplify affiliate marketing.

If you’re seeking to elevate your affiliate commissions without the usual headaches, this might just be the simple system you’ve been waiting for.

With CopyCatalyst CPS, embrace simplicity and effectiveness in your affiliate marketing journey.

It’s time to unlock the potential of Copy, Paste, Share, and profit.

There are so many case studies from CopyCatalyst CPS that I lost count and I have been seeing it in action every day on my Facebook.

The OTO’s are below.


OTO 1 is The CPS Doc Engine (CPS Doc Engine provides users with Pitch Doc Automation which removes 99% of the work required to create a Pitch Doc)


OTO 2 is The CPS MVC (CPS MVC automates script and video creation. With CPS MVC creating CPS videos is ‘push-button’ simple, fast and most importantly ‘Automated’. It removes the stress, anxiety, tech, and time.)


OTO 3 is The CPS RMS (CPS-RMS is a Completely Ready Made System)


OTO 4 is The IMLA Formula (IMLA is an A-Z training module used in Marks 5k coaching platform consisting of over 60 training videos, PDFs, links, case studies, examples & checklists.)






Instagram Shoutouts (Instagram is fast becoming 1 of the biggest social media platforms out there and this full PDF training and 11 video training detail how you can grow your Instagram and how you can use other people’s influence on Insta to grow your business and brand. Without a doubt, statistically if you are not on Instagram you are losing out.)


TikTok Funnel and FULL Training (Everything you need to build a business with TikTok. This is like another OTO. This includes everything from Training Guide, 11 Video Tutorials, Cheat Sheet, Resource Report, Email Swipes, Front End Sales & Thank You Pages, Front End Sales Videos, Front End Graphics and so MUCH MORE. I paid $189 for this so I am limiting it to the first 20 people!)


7 Figure Mindset (Full training videos on real world business building, $120,000 in 4 days case study, long term wealth and a lot more real world advice.)


Facebook Groups Unleashed (Main course PDF, Mindmap PDF and 10 HD videos that walk you through the power of using Facebook groups to blow up your profits. Creating a FB group in a certain niche will bring in a lot of traffic, and more importantly people in that niche. I used this to start my own FB group which grows every day.)


Free Traffic From Facebook Created By Me Marc ( Getting free traffic from Facebook is a lot easier than some people think. In this video I am going to show you how to build up your Facebook profile so that you can get as much free traffic from Facebook as you want.)


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