DFY Bonus Suite Review

DFY Bonus Suite Review – There was a LOT that I liked about this product but something I really didn’t!


Hi Readers, It has been a while, today I am bringing you my DFY Bonus Suite Review. I have been locked in my secret Russian Online Marketing lab creating lots of new really cool stuff…well that’s not entirely true, swap Russia for Croatia and lab for my home office and it’s a bit closer to the truth 🙂

I have been learning lots of new cool things that will bring my online business to a new level and will be sharing a lot with you very soon.

DFY Bonus Suite Review
DFY Bonus Suite Review


Alright, I would guess that every review of DFY Bonus Suite that you have read or been told about will tell you that it is the best thing that has ever been created…

Let’s Get To MY Problem with DFY Bonus Suite?

I love the idea of DFY Bonus Suite, I love what you can do with it and it is a great product BUT…

If you don’t like the page builder Elementer or like me REALLY DISLIKE IT then Chris’s DFY Bonus Suite may be a problem.

I know that every blogger or marketer or site owner has a preference to which page builder they use and know well and will always choose to use on their sites.

DFY Bonus Suite Review
DFY Bonus Suite Review


Personally I just can’t stand Elementer (even though Chris has done a great job of showing you how to set up your bonus review site with Elementer).

I am just going to say that again, Chris has done a great job of explaining how to set up his custom theme using Elementer AND just to be clear, I am probably one of the few people that really dislike it as many of my colleagues Love it and use it all the time in their business.

DFY Bonus Suite Review
DFY Bonus Suite Review


As long as you follow along with the exact way that is being taught in DFY Bonus Suite then you will have no problems.

DFY Affiliate Suite is perfect for any type of affiliate marketing that can be used to promote any product.

Is the DFY Bonus Suite a good product?

I would say besides the above page builder mentioned it really is and here is why!

Even though the name “DFY Bonus Suite” sounds like you are getting a bonus page template or lots of DFY (Done for you) bonuses that does not do this product justice.

The last time that I reviewed one of Chris’s products was called WP Affiliate Suite and I loved it, I would say the same about DFY Bonus Suite and will even start using it myself…

DFY Bonus Suite is actually a fully customisable website, or set of website templates that you can quickly modify and add in your own written reviews, your own review videos or just copy parts from any sales page or use any DEMO video from a sales page.

Once you upload the theme to a domain everything is really done for you including having all of the plugins that you need installed, one of which is called Viper Cache which normally costs the price of this course to buy.

Once you upload the theme everything gets added automatically, this is about as Done For You as it gets.

I would actually call this WP theme and the very detailed training NOT just a bonus page template but a DFY review website and a way to show and deliver your own bonuses.

Even better is that you due to the settings that are on these themes there is a very good chance that your bonus pages will start to show up in Google which means free traffic.

DFY Bonus Suite Review
DFY Bonus Suite Review


It really is very simple and is drag and drop (as long as you stick to what Chris says until you get used to the platform a little bit).

The sales page tells you everything that you need to know about what you are getting, even though personally I think that Chris could have included the free traffic aspect as these posts will start to rank.

Or you can start to make them rank faster if you know what you are doing, check out my bonuses!

You also have the ability to create opt-in pages to build your list and webinar pages if you are running webinars.

My final DFY Suite Review is that this is another quality and very useful product from Chris Derenberger.


OTO 1 is Premium Bonuses that you can giveaway (I am also including a set of bonuses that you can use as my own special bonus)


OTO 2 is called Building a list (Training on how to build a list quickly through your new site)


OTO 3 of DFY Bonus Suite is Resell Rights!





WP Full Training and Sales Kit (This is a huge package of 31 WP training videos, graphics, PDF training guide, email swipes, DFY squeeze pages, DFY legal pages, Mind map, Cheat Sheet, DFY sales copy, a Mini site, Resource report, free marketing tools report and a LOT more. I got this just for this launch because it is perfect for this product. All Upsells included)


FIVE Full YouTube Training Courses (Rather than list all of the courses and upsells that are included I will just say that this is FIVE packed FULL YouTube products with over 12 PDF trainings and over 60 videos. These include topics such as SEO, Channel optimization, LIVES, video optimization and editing plus a LOT more)


TEN Top Training and Software Products That YOU Can Giveaway (That’s right, I have put together a set of 10 Bonuses that I have used on some of my most successful promotions AND I am giving you them as a Bonus PLUS I am giving you full rights to give them away as your own bonuses…this is a huge time saver and something that you will not find anywhere else)


Marc’s Buyer Lead Capture Training (This is a video that I recorded to help my private students be able to legally capture leads from other vendors and build a buyers list without ever launching a product. Real buyers from real product vendors)


WordPress Super Affiliate Training 2020 (This is an intensive 8 part video training on how to use WP together with mapping, planning, plugins to set up ANY WP site to turn it into a super affiliate machine)


WP Social Locker (New WordPress Plugin that will allow you to lock a part of content on a web page until a user clicks one of the social buttons to share which results in a viral effect)


Marc’s Private Coaching (I recorded this 40 Minute video which shows you how to get a complete unfair advantage over anyone else who uses YouTube or wants to rank their site. This is something that I rarely share outside of my 5000 Dollar p/m private coaching. I show you all the tricks that have allowed my students to get a completely unfair advantage over anyone else. Learn how to get your channel authority as high as a 10 year old channel. Learn how to rank and optimise faster than anyone else. This training will be taken down so don’t miss out)



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