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Welcome to my Prezentar review which is probably the best software of the year!


In my Prezentar review I plan on showing you what you can do with this amazing software created by Adeel Chowdhry who is the same guy that was responsible for Sqribble which sold over 25 million Dollars worth of product and is still one of the bestselling products on ClickBank.

Personally I was never interested really in Sqribble as I could not find much purpose in creating eBooks (at least that is what I think it does ? )


Prezentar Review CRAZY VSL
Prezentar Review CRAZY VSL


As well as having my own review access of Prezentar I bought this software for myself because it can be used in so many different ways.

With all of the very subpar software’s and products coming out of warrior plus and Jvzoo it is nice to finally be able to review and test something that is of massive quality to anybody inside or outside of warrior plus and Jvzoo.

Beside the quality design of Prezentar you may be wondering what exactly this new software does?


Prezentar Review Templates
Prezentar Review Templates


Well for one thing you will never need to mess around with PowerPoint again as Prezentar gives you all the pre done editable slides that you would ever need which is a huge time saver and it will also make your presentations look killer compared to PowerPoint.



You can also use Prezentar to make presentations for YouTube and as I said before all of these presentations are going to look amazing.

Of course to make video sales letters(VSLs) which are the videos on every sales page that you see besides maybe this one lol.


Prezentar Review Mind Blowing Examples
Prezentar Review Mind Blowing Examples


It would also be so easy to make full tutorials or products by using these simple slides to create detailed explainer products and trainings using the slides inside of Prezentar.

And of course you could quickly make a full webinar and sell pretty much any product that you want just by using the slide inside of Prezentar and that would be a Badass looking webinar.

All of the templates provided could very easily be tweaked slightly so that they would fit almost every kind of local business in the offline world.


Prezentar Review Template Example
Prezentar Review Template Example


I for one will be using this new badass software to create slides for my new YouTube channel (Did you my dear readers know that I have an amazing new YouTube channel? – I promised to not use my readers or current subscribers to grow this new YouTube project…but if you watch the video review I will show you), the detail of these slides are immense and you can say goodbye to Powerpoint or Google slides forever with Prezentar.

Don’t forget to check out my special Prezentar review bonuses which took my assistant and me all night to put together…

My final Prezentar Review is that this an amazing software that blows away any of the useless stuff being released on other platforms at the moment.

Grab this before the price rises…


OTO 1 is Prezentar Professional!


OTO 2 is Prezentar XFactor!


OTO 3 is Prezentar Halo 3D!


OTO 4 is Prezentar Auto Job Finder!









Social Media Cash Machine (Use this complete blueprint to dominate Facebook and Instagram. Learn how to create attention-grabbing facebook content with Prezentar, ‘trick’ facebook and instagram into growing your followers for you and discover how you can sell anything (including high ticket offers) on facebook and instagram with a single post.)



FB Traffic Boom (This advanced software and step-by step training will drive hoards of hyper-targeted buyer traffic to your facebook page every single day on autopilot. Generate 50 or more new followers every day on facebook at the push of a button. You’ll find and attract the most eager buyers in your niche. Continuously put hot, new offers in front of your followers on autopilot.)



YouTube Slingshot ( Unlock FREE Buyer Traffic for your videos From Google & YouTube In 15 Minutes. Learn the EXACT methods for getting over a million views on your Prezentar videos and having a never-ending flow of free traffic coming to your videos.)



How to get local video clients FAST (This complete video marketing plan shows you how to find and get local businesses and video marketing clients to CALL YOU and pay top dollar for your Prezentar videos, even if you’re brand new to video creation and you’ve never sold anything before.)



Paid Advertising Made Easy (Add rocket fuel to your video marketing using paid ads. With this comprehensive guide to online advertising, you’ll learn how to use everything from facebook, Instagram, twitter and google ads all the way through pay-per-click adverts to get the biggest bang for your buck from your Prezenter videos. You’ll create the perfect video marketing campaign in a snap and reach the whole world in an instant with paid advertising.)



The Tik-Tok Liftoff (TikTok is the latest social media platform that everyone and their mother is jumping on right now. Using this software, stealthily generate hoards of free buyer traffic on TikTok daily with little more than a few clicks and less than 60 seconds of your time every day.)



Pinterest Buyer Tsunami (Hack the Pinterest code and drive a tidal wave of traffic to your Prezentar videos from a made-for-video platform that almost everyone overlooks! Learn how to have your video viewers salivating over your offers and make bank from one of the world’s most popular platforms.)



VideoSlayer (This video plugin is a MUST HAVE. It improves your page load times and increases your Google Page Speed Score. It replaces embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos with a clickable image. SOME ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Automatic creation of a playlist and addition of a corporate video, product teaser, or other video advertisement to every video. Excellent for branding and video advertisements!)



Facebook ads Deep Dive (Get your Facebook advertising campaigns running like a well oiled machine with this 16-video course. Facebook ads Deep Dive will teach you how to set up your ads for super low costs-per-click and SUPER HIGH conversions. It includes a ton of step by step detail and is almost copy paste – perfect for affiliates, list builders, CPA or even eCOM)



The 7- Figure Facebook ads Intensive (The 7- Figure Facebook ads Intensive is a series of 10 PDFs and 10 HD Videos that will take you from the very beginning and teach you how to master the new Facebook platform to get crazy Return on Investment (ROI). To start, you’ll learn how to use as little as $5 and see big results. It also covers topics such as Boosted Posts, something I use all the time.)




Don’t Miss Out On The Software Of The Year Prezentar – CLICK HERE To Grab It and ALL OF The Above Bonuses!


3 thoughts on “Prezentar Review”

  1. Hi Marc. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes please, I would like your advice/tips on my question if possible please, particularly any more tips for using Slideshare with Prezentar as there doesn’t seem to be much information out there on how to use it for affiliate marketing. Thanks

  2. Hi Lee,

    I have been out sick for over a month and am just trying to catch up…do you still need an answer to this question…or would I just be wasting our time?



  3. Hi Marc.
    As a repeat buyer of a few of the products that you have reviewed here on this site I am potentially interested in purchasing Prezentar too. However, you mentioned something about using this for Slidshare as well, which is a site that I have never used before. If I purchase this from you is there any extra advice/tips/methods that are included in the bonuses at all please? From what you said this site can be very profitable.

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