RHIMS 4.0 Review

RHIMS 4.0 Review – This is what I have been doing myself lately, Microsoft ads and Funnel creation and it works like crazy!


Welcome Online Marketers to my RHIMS 4.0 review, which is created by a very talented guy called Jaykay Dowdall who does not release products or training very often but when he does it is worth taking notice.

RHIMS, which stands for Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff is number 4 in the RHIMS series and the first one that I have reviewed.

You also get access to RHIMS 1.0 which is all about Microsoft ads (formerly Bing ads) and is great training that complements the 4.0 version perfectly!

The previous RHIMS trainings were only sold to Jaykays private students but are available inside of RHIMS 4.0.

RHIMS 4.0 Review headline
RHIMS 4.0 Review headline


When I saw that Jaykay was launching again I knew without looking that I would be interested, though of course I got full access to RHIMS 4.0.

Actually one of my highest converting funnels of all time is from a product created by Jaykay.

I followed his training on how to create a funnel and how to improve one and boom, overnight my conversions tripled.

RHIMS 4.0 Review modules
RHIMS 4.0 Review modules


RHIMS 4.0 is an affiliate marketing course and I know that while Jaykay does affiliate marketing in the MMO niche he is also working in a lot of other niches.

I also like that he only reviews and tells people about good products, just like me!

So what do we get in the RHIMS series number 4?

When I spoke to Jaykay he told me that he would describe this as The Affiliate Funnel Toolkit and together with RHIMS 1 you have the ultimate traffic source.

I have been testing out Microsft ads and they are very good and not as expensive as Google ads. RHIMS 1 is a complete walk through of how to set up campagins using RHIMS 4.0.

RHIMS 4.0 Review Microsoft training
RHIMS 4.0 Review Microsoft training

Funnels are very often overlooked by beginners, myself included when I was a beginner.

If you have the wrong set up you are literally leaving money sitting on the table for someone else.

Inside of the members area of RHIMS 4.0 there are 24 plus over the shoulder training videos and under many are links to PDF’s and helpful resources.

They start with an overview then jump right into offer selection followed by lead magnets and squeeze pages.

I also found really helpful (yes I am going to be using this training myself as my funnels are outdated and need refreshed) something that is called the 3 P’s…

This is a quote from inside of the members area

“As a special bonus for you, I’m including the full “3 P’s” training from my Funnelize program since it’s one of the best explainers I’ve ever put together to demonstrate how to complete a lead magnet.”

Just getting that alone is amazing as Funnelize I actually bought for myself to use…you get part of that completely free with RHIMS 4.0.

RHIMS 4.0 Review Theme
RHIMS 4.0 Review Theme


All of the above is only in the first 4 modules and there 10 modules altogether which are even more packed including videos and PDF’s on Bridge pages, Advertorials, VSL Lander work books, Quiz landers, pre-sell work books and email templates.

I can easily say that this is THE most up to date and cutting edge funnel, lead magnet and lander training there is unless you are willing to pay 1000’s of Dollars for high ticket training or to outsource the work.

Even though I have completed my RHIMS 4.0 Review I will be going back to reference it regularly and to also share some of the tips with my 1 on 1 private students.

So my final RHIMS 4.0 review is that without a funnel or the knowledge that this training gives you, you are leaving a lot of money on the table and you can apply this to any traffic source in any niche though I would personally use the detailed Microsoft (formerly Bing) ads training to get started.

I am doing a lot with Microsoft ads at the moment and it is a great cheap traffic source!.

Another big plus is that there are only 3 OTO’s (which are optional of course).


OTO 1 is Inboxxr which is Jaykay’s personal mentorship program!


OTO 2 is RHIMS 3.0 which is all about conversions!


OTO 3 is Funnelize (The full training). This is the one that I bought and would really recommend. Funnelize is still one of the top-selling funnel trainings ever sold for under 100 Dollars!




Firstly Check Out the Bonuses Below That Jaykay is Giving to Any Of My Readers Who Grab RHIMS 4.0 Today!


Next Some Bonuses From Me. I thought that Only CON Was Not Enough Traffic Training So I Selected The Best From My Personal Library!


Traffic Booster 2021 (I have just got this 16 part video training and full walk through PDF that shows you the top ten traffic methods to use in 2021 to drive traffic to anywhere you want. Includes both free and paid methods)


Optins Elite 3.0 (Some of the examples in the training Jaykay uses Clickfunnels. I don’t use Clickfunnels myself so if like me you want a software that can be used to make any kind of pages or funnels than this is perfect)


High Ticket Funnel PRO (10 HD video course on how to create the perfect traffic sucking funnel for high ticket offers. Most of this is covered in RHIMS 4.0 but there are a few helpful tips PLUS I am giving you the rights to use this as a lead magnet, that means that you can give it away to get more traffic)


Authority Traffic (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. A complete 8 detailed part step by step full traffic training crash course. If you want to learn how to use the most powerful traffic available to boost your traffic this is perfect)


New Age Twitter Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Twitter is always changing and to keep up with it and keep driving traffic this is a must have. Even if you don’t want to spend much time this will show you how automate as much as possible)


Latest LinkedIn Success System (Main course PDF + 10 HD videos on how to use this very under used platform to get more sales, build connections and get more leads as well as how to have the best and most optimized profile. Full training plus all OTO videos. No matter what niche you are in this will allow you to drive traffic to your Funnels)


Social Marketing Traffic Advantage (main course PDF + 2 other packed PDFs + 10 videos on how to use social media to grow and get unlimited traffic from social media. With social media growing every day if you are not taking advantage of that traffic you are not growing your business. These Funnels are perfect for social media)


Get Everything Above Today Before Jaykay Removes his Time Limited Bonuses – Click HERE NOW!

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