TubeMatic Review

TubeMatic Review – A Training and Software that I thought so good that I bought it for myself.


Hello Dear Readers, Welcome to my TubeMatic Review, with the holidays coming up most people are getting ready and are excited and relaxed (well most, Christmas stresses me out a bit ? ).

What I am thinking about now that Santa has got all of his presents sorted for the holidays is what to explode onto next year.

Before I go on I should remind you that I am very late to do my review of this and it closes at the low price on the 22nd of December.

While most of you reading this will know that I love SEO and it has gotten me to the stage of being able to earn more per year than a doctor and most importantly the freedom that I could not live without.

TubeMatic Review Headline
TubeMatic Review Headline


Next year I am giving SEO a bit of a back seat to paid ads which brings me to TubeMatic.

While there are many types of ads (I actually just bought a course on FB ads) I think that I will go with YouTube ads.

As many of you know I have been doing a weekly Q&A / coaching call inside of Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom Facebook group.

Seeing what Jono and even LOTS of his members have done with YouTube ads I know that will be the ad type that I focus on.

TubeMatic is all about YouTube ads and even better is that you don’t have to use your own videos to create and profit from YouTube ads.

TubeMatic Review Training
TubeMatic Review Training


While many think that Crypto is the next GoldRush (and I agree, I am heavily invested into Crypto, both for the short term and long term) I think that it is very volatile.

That’s why I know that paid ads that are the way forward, with TubeMatic you can copy a high converting ad that you know is working and with very minimal investment you can make a big profit.

Just like the TubeMatic sales page says if you could turn 5 into 200 how many times would you do it?

So while I will always keep up with SEO and continue to grow with SEO it will be taking a back seat next year to TubeMatic.

So to very quickly sum up TubeMatic in my short review.

Learn how to find high converting ads on any platform that you want, copy them, and follow the training provided which is totally fluff free and right to the point and backed up with case studies.

If you would like to see more plus the bonuses that I am giving away with this then watch my TubeMatic video review above (some I am not sure that I am actually allowed to share but what the hell its almost Christmas.)




Google ads Mastery (A packed PDF with everything that you need to know about Google ads plus 16 HD videos that break down Google and ads and the different type of ads that can be used. Great for any beginners to ads)


CHRISTMAS ADS BUNDLE (I don’t know exactly what to call this one as I got it for myself but there is a slight loophole that allows me to give it to you too. This contains Templates, full training on Bing ads, Facebook ads, Image search secrets, Google Tricks, Instagram ads, Surfire Chat ads, Google Trends, 7 fig mastery and the best of G-Tools.)



Start Off The New Year With An Explosion by Clicking Here.






5 thoughts on “TubeMatic Review”

  1. Hi Peter,

    Of course I will publish your comment and NOT “highly doctored”.

    Yes I only review products that I like or can make great by adding bonuses as I am an affiliate marketer (As in thats my fulltime job, or part of it, my online business now has many running parts cause I took action and learned how to be successful online).

    No point in reviewing something just to say “This is crap”, waste of my time and I dont make money from promoting crap.

    Look at any other “review” websites and see how they “review” multiple products per day.

    I review maybe 4 products a month on this website that I like after sifting through piles of shit that I dont like.

    The product you just commented below I actually bought even though I have review access, I have went through all the videos and stand by this training (the software is okay but not what I am interested in, the training is spot on).

    “You lose all credibility giving everything your usual 9 out 10 crap” – Thats a good point, I should lower the score a bit as TBH I usually dont change it much as even when I lower all the scores to 8.1 or 8.2 but give one a 9 on something it always shows up as 9. I would think that people prefer actually reading or watching my review and deciding themselves, but point taken I will look into changing that a bit more.

    “Unfortunately you’re the only one who will read this as you probably won’t publish it and If you do it’ll be highly doctored.” – As long as you are not swearing or being rude I will always publish comments as are.

    Anyway thanks for taking the time to comment, you are obviously struggling online, a bit of a hater and have failed online either from not taking it seriously enough or just being lazy or maybe just unable to learn new skills, oh well…there’s a 1000 out there just like you.

    Wish you the best,


    PS. If you sign up to my newsletter (dont worry you can unsub right away) you will get my own award winning training on how I started making a fulltime affiliate income online, basically a case study of building this website for free. Just go to the testimonials and look for ones about Traffic Victory and what people commented and wrote.

  2. WOW, another “unbiased” review!! I find it funny that you always give your “reviews” a positive outcome, it’s as if you’ve got something to gain from it, hmmm.
    Don’t tell me, you only review decent products!
    People like me would really like to know what the crappy products are as well you know so we don’t get caught out, perhaps something to think about.
    You lose all credibility giving everything your usual 9 out 10 crap. Time to start helping people rather than rinsing them mate. Unfortunately you’re the only one who will read this as you probably won’t publish it and If you do it’ll be highly doctored.

  3. Thank you Geraldine, happy new year. I am also super excited about bringing in paid ads to my 2022 business. See you in MOF X

  4. Find your bonuses waiting inside of Wplus, thanks.

  5. Hi Marc,
    I got the last thing you were promoting and never got any of the bonuses at all. Any help would be awesome. I do not dare do another one and be left out in the cold 🙂 Thank you.


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