Ministry Of Freedom Review

Ministry Of Freedom Review.

Alright, let’s get into this very detailed Ministry Of Freedom Review and break everything down from the training to the Creator, the coaches (1 of them being me) to the cost and even my bonuses.

*If you are interested in joining Ministry of Freedom but have some doubts then you can email me and I will jump on a quick call with you so that I can show you behind the scenes and you will see what you are really getting. I will share my screen and show you inside of everything.

Now over the years I have bought and been given a LOT of high ticket training courses and I can very openly and honestly say that the Ministry Of Freedom is by far my favourite and I will tell you why.

Most “High Ticket” training courses are worth the high cost if you really focus on the training and except that what you are being taught will work.

UPDATE – After talking to Jono about how he wanted to make Ministry Of Freedom THE only course that you would ever need I decided to help out in the super active MOF FB group by doing my own Weekly Q&A and helping with Organic traffic, SEO, YouTube Optimisation, Product ideas and launching and really just any questions that anyone of any level need answered.

I still run my own business and have my own private students who pay me 5000 Dollars per month but now if you join Ministry Of Freedom I will be there to help you out and we can chat every week.

Also if you decide to invest in the last course that you will ever need and get Ministry Of Freedom from my site my bonuses still apply BUT only if you grab it through my site (Just look below)

Already I have helped out a load of members, here is just a bit of the feedback that I have gotten.

Ministry Of Freedom Review
Ministry Of Freedom Review

Ministry Of Freedom Review
Ministry Of Freedom Review


Below is a Walk Through Of The Ministry Of Freedom Coaching and Support System!

Actually before I go on more about this training if you don’t know me already then I will tell a little about what I do and who I am.

I have been a full time affiliate and digital product creator for over 6 years. I make a nice living that allows me to support my Wife and 2 little daughters and the best part is that I work completely from home.

I guess that I could live wherever I want because as long as I have my laptop I can live anywhere in the World and that is the aim of what is being taught in this life changing training.

Actually I guess that you would say that I already live the laptop lifestyle as I am living in sunny Zadar, Croatia (A beautiful little seaside town) even though I was born and raised in Scotland until leaving to travel the World at 18 years old.

The Ministry Of Freedom is created by a super affiliate and product creator and all round amazing marketer called Jono Armstrong.

Who is Jono Armstrong?

Jono is what you would call a lifestyle king, a digital nomad, someone who makes more money in a Month than most people make in years.

I met Jono at a marketing event in Portugal along with many other marketers.

Ministry Of Freedom Review
Ministry Of Freedom Review

Jono is from England originally but moved to Indonesia and was actually in a band there, after leaving the band he started like we all do when we put those magical words into Google “How to build a business online”

He still lives in Indonesia with his wife Cice Armstrong and is always approachable and happy to take the time to answer your questions either as a friend or a member of Ministry Of Freedom.

His rise to stardom in the affiliate marketing and digital product creation space was like a rocket, I have never seen anyone rise to the status that Jono has as quickly as he has.

At the end of last year he flew to the USA and paid a traffic master 75,000 Dollars to teach him the secret to paid ads and how to grow his business.

If there was ever a man with a plan and an action taker, its Jono!

What to expect in Ministry Of Freedom?

The first thing that I will say is that I see Jono’s students all over Facebook, either posting huge income screenshots or launching their first, second or tenth product.

This tells me immediately that all of the members of Ministry Of Freedom who decide to take action are supported, coached and making life changing money.

I have seen on many digital product launch threads on Facebook, which can be hard to get approved to promote and to get review access for Jono being tagged by a student and Jono confirming that it is his student so that person gets instant approval and review access.

Ministry Of Freedom Review
Ministry Of Freedom Review

The reason that people launching digital products are so happy to have a Ministry Of Freedom member in their launch is that Jono sends traffic every Month to several of his students offers, so that they make the money.

The Ministry Of Freedom is Jono’s baby and he and his students are changing the face of digital marketing and everyone is making a lot of money.

You also have the help of Jonas Lindgren who is a top marketer himself and Dave Fin so there is always someone there to help or support you on your journey.

The steps to success in Ministry Of Freedom!

The very first step after joining the members only VIP Facebook group is to watch a breakdown of how the training is structured which I will breakdown myself below.

The first step is getting into the right mindset, you may think that you are already there but Jono shows you how to structure your day whether you are working on the Ministry Of Freedom full time or part time.

Now time for the training.

Let’s Break down each module!


We get started with the organic module!

There are 2 videos in this section that give you an overview of what you need to get started, most of which if you reading this review you will already have.

Things like a laptop, webcam, a microphone and a screen recording software which you can get for free.


Week 2: Tools and Applications!

Inside of this module Jono goes over again some of the best things to invest in such as a webcam for better quality videos and a microphone.

Personally I don’t bother with a microphone. I use a Logitech Webcam C920 which works for both great picture and sound though really any Logitech webcam will have both great picture and sound.

A Very Detailed Ministry Of Freedom Video Review!

Then Jono goes over some of the basic things that every online business needs such as hosting and a domain which you can get very cheaply and how to set it all up.

There are also a quite a few websites that you need to join so that you can start your profile and start having the accounts that you will need to make money in.

There is a video where Jono offers to have your website built for you depending on what kind of site you want for between 200 and 400 Dollars.

When I saw that video I thought that would be a great bonus that I could give you if you decide to buy through my Ministry Of Freedom review.

I have built 100’s of websites and know how to optimise them for SEO as well so that is my first bonus offer and normally to build someone a website to my specifications I would charge at least 800 Dollars.


Week 3 and 4: Launch Jacking!

Launch Jacking is something that I started with this very website and to date has made me a huge amount of money, you can also launch jack with video or both as I do.

I actually created a great product called the Big Five which is a very intensive training about launch Jacking and building your business around it WHICH I will be adding in as another Bonus PLUS all 3 Upsells or OTO’s if you grab Ministry Of Freedom from my site.


So what is launch jacking?

Every day there are on average 8 to 15 new training courses or software’s that are launched on various platforms and there is always a huge buzz around them.

So what you do is create your video or website review or both and have your affiliate link in the video description or your website and people will check out your review and will buy from you.

Now this is where the Ministry Of Freedom differs, not about launch jacking but what Jono does for his students who take action and set up their first video review or website review.

Ministry Of Freedom Review
Ministry Of Freedom Review

He puts several students on a link rotator (basically he sends his traffic from his huge list to your video or site and YOU get the commissions).

There are lots of testimonials on the main sales page of total beginners making more than the cost of Ministry Of Freedom in their first few weeks.

NO other coach or high ticket training offers anything like that.


[WEEK 5] Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies!

This is taking Launch Jacking or as I prefer to call it product reviewing to a whole new level.

When you get to this level you will already be making money and with Jono’s special little secrets to get more traffic and him sending you traffic this is a brilliant section.


[WEEK 6] Soft Launching!

AS I mentioned earlier there are loads of new products being launched every day which involves a lot of hype and approaching affiliates, setting dates, big Facebook posts etc.

Well soft launching is nothing like that. I was actually surprised by what Jono teaches and how profitable it can be.

I always used the term soft launching for something else…but what you will learn from Jono and the way he uses this method is interesting and shows you just how easy it can be to put together a product as a beginner.


Week 7: Email Marketing!

There is no doubt in my mind at all that Jono is one of the best email marketers out there. Not just building lists but how to send your emails and when.

There is a huge section on this and I learned a lot from this part.

In total transparency even though I have a good sized list that grows every day I am not the best email marketer.

I tend to just write “Hello, check out my full review” but there is way for more to making a lot more sales and increasing your open rates by following Jono’s method.

I have never mailed my list and not made a lot of sales but after using a few of the tips in Ministry Of Freedom my last email campaign was over 1800 Dollars in sales.

Your list is precious, just ask any full time marketer BUT if you decide to invest in this training through my website I will mail your review video or website to MY list as an another bonus which will guarantee you sales.


List Building With Paid Traffic!

This is exactly as it sounds and something that I have been testing out myself with amazing results. You are walked through how to set your landing page, a follow up email serious and of course how to actually set up the ads on Google and Bing.


Week 8: Product Launching!

To try to explain everything that is taught in this module would take forever.

To put it simply Jono teaches you how to set up your first launch, get affiliates, do high converting sales copy and to top it off Jono will support your launch with a review and a mailing from his Monster list.


Software research and outsourcing!

A great module that is a bit more advanced. Software sells very well and you can outsource everything and launch you’re very first software.


Week 9: Paid Traffic!

Paid traffic is something that I have dabbled in over the years and made some good money but something always distracted me such as the latest Google SEO update and I never kept at it consistently.

Ministry Of Freedom Review
Ministry Of Freedom Review

After watching what Jono teaches in the Ministry Of Freedom it is like being handed a card to an ATM machine.

For this part of the training alone I would have paid the 1497 Dollars just to see this as I learnt so much and now that I have started with what Ministry Of Freedom teaches I know that paid traffic is the future of my business online.

SEO can come second to paid ads.

Jono already has crazily high converting YouTube ads and copy that you simply copy and paste following his over the shoulder training.

You just have to look at the sales page where every day new testimonials are being added.

If you have made it to the end of my Ministry Of Freedom review it means that you are ready to invest and change your life forever!

So how much will it cost you to be able to quit your day job and work from home growing your business with a group of like minded people who are ALL making life changing money?

Well the cost is $1497 which includes my bonuses below…





Bonus 1 – Rather than you paying extra to get a website built for you, I will build your site and completely optimise it for SEO. I have never charged less than 800 for this (actually I don’t even build other peoples websites usually as I don’t want to reveal my backend SEO secrets). Only available if you get the full course or after you have finished paying the instalments.


Bonus 2 – My own flagship product called the Big Five which teaches about product reviewing (launch jacking), building a list, YouTube methods, product creation and building your own Facebook group (check for reviews from other people if you want, this is still a top seller)

Plus the 3 Big Five OTO’s (total value is over 360 Dollars)


Bonus 3 – We will set up a one on one coaching call with you that will help you so much either at the beginning or once you get to the more advanced stage.



Check Out The Free Training By Clicking Here!


Check Out the Sales Page With Real Results By Clicking Here!









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  1. Hey Mireille ,

    Thank you for the kind words and I am glad to have helped you on your journey.

    I noticed that you added your website incorrectly when making this comment so I fixed it for you 🙂

    Talk to you Tuesday,



  2. Hello Marc,
    This is Mireille from MOF! So great to have joined this powerful group of doers. I joined just a few months ago, however, at that time I was going through so tough (still going, but feeling much better) health challenges. Though I didn’t have the energy to put the time needed to build my online marketing business, I was able to still manage to go through the modules as best as I could. Now that I’m beginning to get better and better, I’m preparing to take this bull by the horn.

    Thank you so much for your help with my new website, and the invaluable guidance you’re providing on the MOF LIVE Q&A calls on Tuesdays. Great patience, thourough and honest answers and you make yourself available even after the calls. Frankly, even when I’m having to really implement the course a bit later than really planned or desired, I can foresee the future looking really good!

    Thanks again, Marc!

  3. Hey Kerrie,

    Thanks for dropping by, always nice to connect and hopefully see you today?



  4. Awesome review Marc and you are an asset in the coaching community, thanks for all your input in my journey

  5. Hi Florence,

    You are doing amazingly well in MOF and I can see that you are a real go getter.

    Keep up the training and most importantly taking action every day,



  6. Hi Marc, MOF is life-changing for me as a student. I’ve been through few courses before MOF and since joining, I’ve learned a lot of skills that I couldn’t believe myself.

    I have my youtube set up with more than 60 videos uploaded in a span of one month, learning everything about a website, web 2.0, and SEO optimization with you Marc.

    I want to monetize my site to the fullest extent so I’ll be learning everything it takes to achieve my success through organic traffic from your training Marc, and I would like to have you as my coach if it’s possible.

    Thank you Marc for everything.

  7. Thank you mate, I need to update it a bit but I totally agree it is a great program and coaching for a low one time fee.

  8. Great review Marc MOF is a great course

  9. Hi George,

    I will make a short video like before tomorrow to explain everything including website updates…its actually great that you still have that website as the domain authority will have increased a lot with age.

    Thanks mate,


  10. Hi Marc: May 10, 2021
    Thank you for your reply.
    I like to ask you a couple short questions!
    How do I know, prior to clicking the purchase button purchasing MOF, that you will receive the Commission? Does it show your Affiliate ID on the order?
    What do you know about Builderall?
    You have as a bonus “building” a website, however as you may recall a few years ago you “built” a website for me. You think it may be still the same or are there some changes necessary? Also, recently I had an additional website “kind of built” by our acquaintance TG. The website you “built” is still with SiteGround and the other one is with Builderall.
    Let me know what you decide and the information you require from me after I purchase MOF?
    Well at least this information should be short enough!
    Thanks for your help-George.
    PS. I purchased from you a few years ago the Big Five program, however I don’t know whether I have Launch-Jacking included with it? GFK

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