YT Influencer Review

YT Influencer Review – Not just another YouTube “Launch Jacking” training But something more, a “Real” Faceless Method!


Hello my Friends and Readers, Welcome to my YT Influencer review, now this is NOT just another YouTube product on how to rank but something completely different, though of course ranking is included.

This is a perfect method for promoting physical products, Clickbank products OR ANY product that you want.

This is definitely something that I will be using myself, this is seriously powerful…

Also YT Influencer is not brought to us by somebody who does not use YouTube but it is brought to us by Chris Derenberger who if you’re on YouTube you will know for sure.

Over the last 15 years Chris has been killing it on YouTube making multiple six figures every year growing many different channels.

YT Influencer Review Headline
YT Influencer Review Headline


Last year he grew a channel that made $400,000 in only a few months (and NOT in the make money online niche), now that is something that we would all like to know how to do.

I would definitely have bought this product for myself because like I said at the beginning this is not just about launch jacking.

On the sales page of YT Influencer Chris says you do not need to show your face, now we have seen many sales pages that say the exact same thing but usually it’s just to get you to buy the product.

In the case of YouTube influencer Chris does actually show you a method where you do not need to show your face and you can make some awesome videos promoting everything from household products to weight loss products and everything in between.

YT Influencer Review Members Area
YT Influencer Review Members Area


Chris gave YouTube influencer to a few people that I know from Facebook and they have been posting their stats over the last few weeks.

One person that I know very well has posted his results of what he has been doing with these short but NOT TikTok type videos and the results he has been getting are incredible.

I am going to give away a little secret here, in part of the training in YT Influencer Chris shows us an example from Digistore but when I saw the example I thought to myself that would be a great way to promote ClickBank products in the weight loss niche and fitness niche (Or any niche really) without having to spend any money on paid ads.

One of the reasons that I mention paid ads is that that is something that I have been doing with Google ads and ClickBank but there is so much competition so you’re paying a lot per click but what if you didn’t have to pay anything per click and were still number one on Google.

YT Influencer Review Members Area Part 2
YT Influencer Review Members Area Part 2


Now that is just one of many things that you will learn from YT influencer and the idea about ClickBank actually is something that I just came up with though with this with this programme really you can promote anything at all without showing your face or using your voice.

In a world of digital marketing where everybody is trying to sell some new fancy method that they have not even tested themselves or some new cool life changing software that they don’t use themselves Chris Derenberger and YT Influencer are the biggest breath of fresh air that I have seen this year.

As you go through the training in YT Influencer everything is over the shoulder as Chris explains everything that he does by showing you his screen so no boring slides or drawings on a whiteboard Chris lets you follow along with exactly what he is doing.

I am always looking for new ways to promote on YouTube but also to find ways to promote Evergreen products.

The amazing thing about promoting Evergreen products is that you make the video once and you can be bringing in profit for years… Chris himself has a video that is three years old and is still bringing him in profits and he shows it to you in the training.

Now if you are a launch jacker or you promote products on warrior plus and JVzoo like I do then YouTube influencer is still a great product to get and will help any YouTuber.

Chris talks about the YouTube algorithm and about ranking so you’re getting a massive package of how to create Evergreen products, how to set up your channel correctly, how to promote affiliate products, and how to get people to reach out to you and give you free stuff to review and then keep.

YT Influencer Review Members Area Part 3
YT Influencer Review Members Area Part 3


This training is like a high ticket product so it would take me so long to list and explain everything that Chris does in this product.

What I did was I put pictures in this review for you to see the members area of YT Influencer or you can watch my video review where I will show you everything you get in the main product.

You may have noticed on my website I removed the pros and cons and the final score of how good or bad I thought the product was but I will just say that my YT Influencer review is as close to a 10 as I could possibly give!

There are of course a few OTO’s or Upsells which I will list below…there are only 3 and you can decide if you think that they may help you.


YT Influencer OTO 1 is called “Launch Jacking”. Chris explains everything that he has done to become 1 of the top launch jackers ever. Includes ranking, video creation, bonuses, building a list and a recent case study that made Chris 8k from 1 launch.


OTO 2 is called “Expert Ranker” Chris dives into more ranking strategies using his agency’s ranking service as well as using other YouTube views and subscribers services to build a YT channel and rank much faster. Includes case studies show these services to rank videos.


OTO 3 of YT Influencer is a VIP Facebook group where only paid members are allowed so that you have as much help as you need from Chris.





Motivational Videos For You To Use (There are full ready to use videos that will motivate anyone, they can be used on YouTube or uploaded directly to any social media platform to get 1000’s of views and 1000’s of conversions. These include topics of Envy, Worry, Shy, Fear, Frustration and many more)


Super Affiliate Traffic Domination (This is the main PDF and 20 Upsell videos explaining a LOT of traffic methods and tactics such as marketing on Clickbank, setting up an autoresponder, different ways to promote your affiliate offer, what makes a super affiliate a super affiliate, banner ads, creating bonuses, creating a product to sell, Facebook methods, selling high ticket programs and that’s just the start of this huge package…)


VideoSlayer (This video plugin is a MUST HAVE! It improves your page load times and increases your Google Page Speed Score. It replaces embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos with a clickable image. SOME ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Automatic creation of a playlist and addition of a corporate video, product teaser, or other video advertisement to every video. Excellent for branding and video advertisements!)


My 1 on 1 High Ticket Training (My own 40 minute over the shoulder training video on how to get started and how to get ranking ASAP! Never shared outside of my group coaching. I pack more than most products have into 40 minutes of video. Very Limited)


25 YouTube Outro Clips (Use these high quality clips to add to your existing videos or use to create your own from creative commons videos)


Curation Hero (Unleash Viral Content On Unlimited Fan Pages & Domains Curate Trending Topics & Tap Into Millions Of Buyers Simple Drag & Drop To Create Unique Content In Minutes)


A List Of 18 Products To NOT Promote (That’s right I am giving you a list of 18 products and will keep updating it as I try out different products on Clickbank. These are products that you can NOT brand bid for, the training will explain, now not only will these products and companies allow you to get your affiliate link but as soon as you start making sales they just change your affiliate link to their own. Very unfair I thought)



So If You Can Spare 30 Minutes a Day You Can Have a New Income Stream In No Time At All! CLICK HERE To Get YT Influencer TODAY!



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