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There are becoming more and more Autoresponders everyday. When I first started Online Marketing everybody said that Aweber were number 1. Now don’t get me wrong they still are a good solid company with a solid reputation…but in my opinion Getresponse have become the number 1 Autoresponders.



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Theres usually 3 things that you need to become successful in Internet Marketing. That would be Hosting, at least 1 domain and an Autoresponders. The Autoresponders is a basic but important tool that helps you build your list of subscribers so that whichever niche you are in you can collect people that you can email whenever you want to. Maybe with a new offer or just a newsletter.



If you have been around a while you will have heard the expression “The money is in the list”. While this is very true there are a ton of ways that you can make money online but if you want to do it right get an Autoresponder!

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I use and recommend Getresponse. It is easier to use, the price is better, there are more functions and if you move your list from another Autoresponder then they allow you to upload the list of new subscribers to Getresponse which is a feature that the last I checked Aweber didn’t do…



I will be reviewing other Autoresponders when I have a bit of time but for the moment I firmly recommend Getresponse and if you Click This Link I’ve got you covered for a free trial for 30 days and 30$ cash for referring a friend!

So go Ahead and get this professional and easy to use Autoresponder – Getresponse!


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