YT AI Empire Building Review

YT AI Empire Building Review – Has AI really made this product so much better?


Hello my friends and readers and welcome to my YT AI Empire Building review which has over 70 videos….firstly I should tell you that a version of this product was released last year but now with AI everything has changed, when I mean everything I really mean everything, including YouTube!

Read on to find out or watch my YT AI Empire Building video review below…

I have been looking for something great to review and came across an updated YouTube training that is actually really updated with loads of new important content, this could have been sold as a high ticket training considering the amount of content and value it has.

YT AI Empire Building Review Headline
YT AI Empire Building Review Headline


Without a doubt just now YouTube is definitely one of the hottest platforms and hottest niches for people to be using from everything from affiliate marketing to promoting high ticket courses to using their videos to create enormous amounts of money from Google AdSense.

If you are not on YouTube then you are for sure missing out big time especially if you are not using AI!

I even created a YouTube channel for my 6 year old so it can start to age as she does.

YT AI Empire Building Review Members Area 1
YT AI Empire Building Review Members Area 1


If you do not like showing your face on YouTube then there are so many other ways that you can still profit from having a well optimised YouTube channel and that is what YT AI Empire Building teaches you.

Even though at the time of writing this YT AI Empire Building review there are still some more videos to be added into the main members area I have went through all of the videos which are there which are over 70 plus multiple PDFs, cheatsheets and guides.

Now as someone who is a YouTuber himself and has many successful YouTube channels I decided to share some of the tricks that I use to rank my own videos using specific tactics that I rarely if ever share with anyone else.

The last time that I shared these techniques that I’m going to put in a bonus video for you which you can check at the bottom of this review was on a one-on-one coaching session that cost the person who was on the coaching session with me $5000.

YT AI Empire Building Review Traffic Module
YT AI Empire Building Review Traffic Module


The headline on the sales page of YT AI Empire Building says that you do not need to show your face on camera to implement this YouTube method and as showing your face on camera can be a big problem for some people, though tools like the one that I have included as a bonus at the bottom of the page or this great product called Presenter means you make great videos without ever showing your face…

This makes this product even better and something that more people will be able to get use out of and build an YT AI Empire Building channel!

As there is so much content to go through in my YT AI Empire Building review I decided to put down some of the points that you will learn from going through this course

Before I put those points down I just want to say that I really like how to the point and short these videos are.

YT AI Empire Building Review Traffic Module
YT AI Empire Building Review Traffic Module


Personally I hate going through very very long training videos as I tend to lose focus and forget what happened in the beginning even if I am taking notes now obviously sometimes you do need to watch videos that are 20 to 30 minutes maybe, even 40 or 50 minutes but anything longer than that is too long in my opinion.

The bonus video I just made for YT AI Empire Building is almost 50 minutes but its PURE GOLD!

The YT AI Empire Building review video that I made below you may want to watch until the end as I added in some free training and YouTube tips as well as showing a new channel that I created and where to get free content that you can use in YT AI Empire Building.

Most of the videos in YT AI Empire Building are between three and 10 minutes which is around perfect though actually my bonus video of my secret’s 2 ranking is a lot longer.

Also as well I should mention that this is not a YouTube training course on launch jacking though product reviewing is covered as well as so many other methods and issues that you can use on YouTube.

Below are just some of the things that you will learn inside of YT AI Empire Building!

-Using AI To Create Your Videos, From Ideas, To Scripting,

-Thumbnails, Descriptions & SEO etc. [10 Videos]

– Pictory Bonus Course [8 Videos]

– Chasing the YouTube Dream And Turning it Into a Reality

 – Who is Your Audience?

 – Profitability

 – Check Reachability

 – Check Excitement

 – Knowledge and Passion

 – Competition

 – How Will Branding Help Your YouTube Business?

 – What Do You Need to Consider With Regards to Your Audience?

 – What’s Required of You? (+ Your Turn Action Steps)

 – The Top Types of Videos That Work in Any Niche

 – Vlogger Videos

 – Storytelling video

 – Behind-the-scenes video

 – “Typical day” video

 – Comment-Response Videos

 – Product Reviews

 – Unboxing Videos

 – Comparison Videos

 – Tutorials (How to Videos)

 – 15 More Types of Videos To Create & Why

 – Top Video Formats

 – Show Me the Money

 – Building Your Channel

 – Advanced Tips & Tricks

– Ranking Methods

PLUS and Newly Created


Ranking Case Study:

– How To Optimize Your Youtube Channel For Traffic & Get Your Channel Monetized To Make Money ASAP!

– How To Use Keyword Research Tools To Rank Your Youtube Videos

-How To Rank Youtube Videos With SEO

-How To Rank Your Youtube Video On The First Page – Video Ranking Case Study With Proof


My overall YT AI Empire Building review is that this is a very well thought out product that is actually being used by the two creators who are building their own channels with these exact methods.

When you include the bonuses that I am giving with this product then you have a blueprint that really gives you no excuse not to start your own YouTube channel or channels and start profiting ASAP!


Below Are The OTOs or Upsells – Personally if it was me I would choose the DFY blog set up if you dont have a site yet or want a new one or the easy pro reviews though none are needed as this is already a packed training.

OTO 1: Simple Fast Products

OTO 2: DFY Blog Setup

OTO 3: Easy Pro Reviews

OTO 4: Complete Marketing & Affiliate Training

OTO 5: IMLaunchKit







40 + Minutes Of What I Teach My High Ticket 1 on 1 Coaching Students (I just recorded this. I have private students who pay me 5k+ a month to teach them both website and YouTube SEO as well as building an online business. There are certain things that allow a person to get an unfair advantage over other people, some small things, some big things that are kept a secret. After 10 years in this online business World I have learned a LOT that will give you a 100X advantage. Actually when recording I almost changed my mind…but for the people who grab this product from me this is yours. I will be taking this down after the launch. This is literal online GOLD!)


A Collection Of My Top SEVEN YouTube Trainings (This is a Huge Library of training. Seven different trainings which include over 25 PDF’s and 50 videos plus a YouTube software. These include everything from SEO, channel optimization, YouTube Lives, Editing, The “Celeb” System and countless other tips and tricks. You can download these 1 at a time or all at once)


Google and YouTube Analytics (A Huge Package with over 20 videos plus EVERYTHING from sales pages to intro video, graphics, lead grabbing page, banners, presell videos, call to action Tweets, teaser page, legal pages, website, email series and a LOT more!)


Google Ads for Beginners (Full Training PDF and 15 full training videos on how to use Google ads to drive traffic to anywhere you want. Many of the methods in this training I use regularly to grow my email list and to make sales from my YouTube videos and websites)


Super Affiliate Traffic Domination (This is the main FE PDF and 20 Upsell videos explaining a LOT of traffic methods and tactics such as marketing on Clickbank, setting up an autoresponder, different ways to promote your affiliate offer,what makes a super affiliate a super affiliate, banner ads, creating bonuses, creating a product to sell, more Facebook methods, selling high ticket programs and thats just a small part…)


Marc’s Golden Niche Selector (My own best selling tool that I still use. This took me 2 Months to put together. It covers 90 sub niches and 4 main niches. Under every niche is a clickable link which takes you to a high converting digital product on Clickbank. A crazy Time saver)


Whiteboard Explainer Set (Massive Package to create your own Explainer Videos using PowerPoint – Includes Whiteboard Video Set – Viral Video Box – Full Tutorial Videos – Pro Pack PowerPoint – high converting sales page – Front End Outros – Front End Intros – Front End Explainer – 1000+ Marketing Graphic – 100 Flash Transition Backgrounds – 50 Animated Backgrounds – 10 Animated Characters – 221 Music Background)


100 Viral Videos (100 short videos that can be used in ANY niche. Each one completely unique and ready to upload to your YouTube channel either alone or at the beginning or end)




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