ProfitLink Review

ProfitLink Review – Real Life Case Studies And Training From a 7 Figure Marketer, James Fawcett.


Hi there, it’s Marc, welcome to this ProfitLink Review. Today, I want to share my thoughts on a powerful digital training course called ProfitLink.

If you’re like me, always on the lookout for ways to boost your online income without spending hours stuck to your screen, this might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

Plus due to the time to implement after set up it can become another income stream on top of what you are already doing.

I also like this as it is almost exactly the same training that James has for his “Mid Ticket” product which is 297 Dollars. I got to have a sneak peak at that as a friend is a member and showed me around as I had questions about the traffic sources he was using.

What is ProfitLink?

ProfitLink isn’t your typical online course, it’s a training based on years of real world experience of being a super affiliate.

This training isn’t just about case studies, it’s the creator’s extensive testing and expertise in the field.

ProfitLink Review Sales Page Headline
ProfitLink Review Sales Page Headline


Yes, it’s a training course, but it’s also a full of insights and strategies that have been honed through years of trial and error.

What I really like about Profitlink is how simple it is.

After the initial setup, which includes a ready-made funnel (I love done-for-you stuff), it takes just 10 minutes a day to implement.

That’s it! No complex tech stuff, no headaches.

Just a few minutes each day, and you’re on your way to potentially life-changing sums of money.

Now, let’s go deeper into what makes ProfitLink worth being on this website – Traffic.

ProfitLink Review Members area
ProfitLink Review Members area


If you’ve been in the online marketing world for any amount of time, you’ll know that traffic is the lifeblood of any successful online business.

ProfitLink doesn’t just focus on any traffic, it covers both organic and paid (remember that email traffic can be paid traffic through solo ads) and IMO a very powerful way to scale your current business or start a new business that does not require showing your face or being all over social media.

Organic traffic, the kind that flows to your website naturally, is often considered the holy grail of online marketing.

It’s the traffic you don’t pay for but earn through the quality of your content, website and videos.

Paid traffic, on the other hand, is a shortcut to getting visitors to your offers.

However, it can be a double-edged sword.

Without the right knowledge, you can end up spending a fortune without much to show for it.

ProfitLink equips you with the skills needed to master paid traffic effectively. From ad targeting to budget optimization, you’ll learn how to make every dollar count and achieve a solid return on investment.

ProfitLink Review Of the various packed Modules
ProfitLink Review Of the various packed Modules The Free Alternative to Clickfunnels!

Another standout feature of ProfitLink is its cost-effectiveness.

While Clickfunnels is undoubtedly a powerful tool, it comes with a big price tag of anything from $180 to $300 a month.

I actually never like recommending or even reviewing products that focus on “You must have Clickfunnels for this to work.”

ProfitLink takes a different route, utilizing the free to get going platform

It’s a budget-friendly approach that aligns perfectly with my mindset of keeping things simple and cost-effective.

As someone who’s been in the online marketing game for over a decade, I rarely learn something new from the products that I review.

But ProfitLink surprised me.

It’s not just about making money, it’s about making more on your bottom line.

This training has the potential to really change the way you think about online earnings.

In a world where complexity and learning technical aspects are one of the things that usually stop most people from even getting started in the first place, Profitlink is different.

It’s straightforward, effective, and backed by years of experience.

ProfitLink Review with Multiple affiliate sales from this method
ProfitLink Review with Multiple affiliate sales from this method


Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting your online journey, ProfitLink is worth checking out.

If you’re ready to tap into the creator’s wealth of knowledge, and master the art of traffic, give ProfitLink a shot.

Remember, it’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter. And ProfitLink might just be the shortcut you’ve been searching for.

Even though every week I get a lot of organic traffic, I use Google and Bing ads and I use solo ads.

Very often my return on investment is not what it should be and after going through Profitlink I can see how I can dramatically increase my ROI.

Also as I’ve already mentioned I really do like that you do not need Clickfunnels to use this training as personally I’m not a fan of Clickfunnels at all.

I almost to forgot to mention that there are also some great bonuses inside of this training including access to promote James products and access and reseller rights to one of his other trainings amoung other things, so click that link below the bonuses to see what other bonuses you are getting.

I have actually created my own account and have been thinking of moving a lot of my current funnels over to and maybe even using it as a backup Autoresponder.

My final Profitlink review is that this is an incredibly well thought out and detailed over the shoulder training that if I bought for myself I would be very happy, even just reviewing this product I have learned a lot, which like I said normally I don’t when I review a new training.

Everyone hates OTOS or Upsells or Downsells but they are just a part of business and life and this product Profitlink does have some Upsells and Downsells but in no way do you need them to be successful with this training.







Traffic Traffic Traffic (This is 40 training videos on how to get and use traffic from many places including social media, paid ads, solo ads, media buying, affiliates, SEO, and more. If you are stuck for traffic ideas then this will give you many ideas you may not have thought of)



Google Ads 2 Full Trainings (Full Training PDFs and 25 full training videos on how to use Google ads to drive traffic to anywhere you want. Many of the methods in these 2 trainings I use regularly to grow my email list and to make sales. This is perfect for this product and you will easily be able to make your money back from the FE sales and follow up leads)



High Ticket Coaching with me Marc (So I recorded 1 hour and 10 minutes covering how my own business runs and other ways of starting a business that you will never have thought about. How to set up a special kind of ad to always get traffic. How to get ahead, what to ignore. How to use AI to sky rocket your productivity and a LOT more. This is very limited and after a certain amount of sales I am taking it down, no scarcity, I just am. This will 100x your business whether a beginner or a more advanced marketer)



Super Affiliate Traffic Domination (This is the main FE PDF and 20 Upsell videos explaining a LOT of traffic methods and tactics such as marketing on Clickbank, setting up an autoresponder, different ways to promote your affiliate offer, what makes a super affiliate a super affiliate, banner ads, creating bonuses, creating a product to sell, more Facebook methods, selling high ticket programs and that’s just a small part…)



50 Proven Email Swipes (When you want to test different types of emails to different types of traffic its always useful to have a collection of swipes and this is 50 of those high converting swipes)



Solo ad case study and Training (This is a 28 minute video that I created to show how you can easily make your money back very quickly with solo ad traffic. Who to buy from and the method that I used plus the type of offers to use with solo ad traffic)



Don’t Miss Out On This Very Solid Training and Bonuses From Me By Clicking Here!


6 thoughts on “ProfitLink Review”

  1. Hi Max, thank you for getting profit link from my website the done for you funnel is very clever especially if you already know system.Io, the bonuses will be waiting for you so you can just access them and download them, I’m happy to answer a couple of questions but this product for the price I can’t be doing coaching with you but like I said I’m happy to answer a few questions.

    Thanks again mate and have a Happy Easter.


  2. Hey Marc
    About to purchase ProfitLink through your link and will look at the DFY funnel set up as I am using systeme io myself. Hoping to connect with you after I buy to discuss your bonuses and some general Q&A

    Great review by the way!


  3. Thanks Dave, Yeah the pop ups are a bit annoying but TBH if I see them and remember I tell people in my video reviews, but as you see I focus more on the product, not the sales copy.

    Cheers buddy,


  4. Onya Marc, another honest review and another immediate buy. They oughta watch their popups tho, too quick 😉

  5. Hi Matt,

    Good to hear from you mate and thank you for the high praise, that means a lot coming from you.

    I have just recently lost my patience of all the half assed, not ready, slapped together, barely working, unusable software and apps that come out daily.

    Its really no wonder that people just starting out get so confused as to how to actually get started and build an online business. As I said in another video I dont review sales pages, I review products because if we were to believe every sales page that consists of amazing claims like “Make 200$ in 2 minutes a day without doing any work” then well we would all be rich.

    Also sales pages like that put a kind of cancer on our industry that we (full time online marketers) do no work and just press a few buttons and anyone can do it. Sure once you get to a certain level of knowledge things do become easier but someone just starting out buys and looks and thinks I must be too silly to understand this or its ALL a scam.

    Thanks for dropping by and going through my review,

    Talk soon mate,



  6. Another excellent review mate!
    This wasn’t even on my radar until I saw your post.
    I think the 4th upsell for his traffic sources is well worth grabbing, I did!
    and mentioning how it takes around 8 hours to put together a proper review like this may open a few eyes, most people don’t realise just how much time you put in to this, time that saves them from buying stuff that doesn’t work.
    Thank you from a fellow marketer.

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