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SiteGround Hosting Review: Unveiling Features, Performance, Personal Insights and why I left!



This SiteGround hosting review aims to provide a comprehensive examination of its offerings, spotlighting its features, performance capabilities, and recent developments while considering individual experiences and preferences.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, SiteGround often emerges as a strong contender, renowned for its emphasis on performance, features, and reliable support.

SiteGround has gotten a lot of praise for its diverse range of hosting options, catering to beginners and experienced website owners alike.

Below, we delve into their key features and performance aspects:

Siteground Hosting Review with Different Plans For Different Needs
Siteground Hosting Review with Different Plans For Different Needs


Shared Hosting Excellence:

SiteGround’s shared hosting plans offer a solid foundation for those venturing into the online landscape.

With offerings that include free website migration, daily backups, a website builder, and complimentary SSL certificates, SiteGround’s shared hosting is designed to streamline the journey for new website creators.

SiteGround Hosting WordPress Specialization:

SiteGround has carved a niche in the managed WordPress hosting arena which is great for Affiliate Websites.

Their platform comes complete with automatic updates, advanced security features, and performance optimization designed to ensure seamless operation for WordPress sites of all sizes.

Commitment to Performance:

SiteGround’s dedication to performance is evident through its implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

By utilizing SSD storage, a global content delivery network (CDN), and SuperCacher technology, SiteGround aims to deliver swift loading times and robust uptime, enhancing both user experiences and search engine ranking potential.

Renowned Customer Support:

A big feature of SiteGround is its customer support (or at least it was). Available around the clock via live chat, phone, and ticketing systems, their support team has garnered a reputation for being knowledgeable and responsive to user inquiries and technical issues.

Emphasis on Security:

SiteGround places a strong emphasis on website security. Their comprehensive security measures encompass proactive server monitoring, tailored WAF (Web Application Firewall) rules, and daily backups, ensuring data remains safeguarded against potential threats.

Siteground Hosting Review Starting Price Points
Siteground Hosting Review Starting Price Points


SiteGrounds Transition to Site Tools and Pricing Considerations:

In recent times, SiteGround has experienced notable changes that have left a mark on its user base.

One significant change is the transition from the familiar cPanel control panel to Site Tools.

This shift aims to provide a custom control panel tailored to SiteGround’s environment, although it has mixed reactions from users.

Some find the new interface more streamlined and performance-focused, while others including this myself really did not like the change.

Siteground Hosting Review with New Site Tools
Siteground Hosting Review with New Site Tools

Another consideration lies in SiteGround’s pricing structure.

While the provider was once applauded for offering a balance between quality and affordability, some users have observed an increase in costs over time.

This shift has prompted individuals to reevaluate SiteGround’s value in relation to their budget.

As someone who engaged with SiteGround’s services in the past, I was initially drawn to their performance-oriented approach.

However, the rising costs and the transition to Site Tools prompted me to seek alternative solutions.

My personal experience highlighted a shift in the effectiveness of their renowned customer support, as I very often found myself having more WordPress knowledge than their support team.

In my pursuit of a hosting provider that met my criteria, I discovered GreenGeeks Hosting.

This budget-friendly alternative not only aligned with my needs but also presented an optimized WordPress hosting environment that suited me perfectly.

The combination of affordability, impressive WordPress performance, and great support ultimately drew me toward GreenGeeks.

This comprehensive SiteGround hosting review has explored the provider’s notable features, unwavering commitment to performance, and recent changes.

SiteGround’s reputation for reliable hosting, top-tier support, and performance enhancements establishes it as a formidable choice for many seeking dependable hosting services.

However, my personal journey and observations led me to explore alternative options.

The growing pricing structures, the transition to Site Tools, and a shift in customer support quality have prompted individuals to evaluate their compatibility with SiteGround’s offerings.

In this case GreenGeeks Hosting presents an appealing option.

For those who value WordPress optimization, budget-friendly plans, and a customer-centric approach, GreenGeeks offers a compelling alternative that aligns with the evolving needs and preferences of website owners.

Ultimately, the decision between hosting providers can be a  tough one, shaped by individual priorities, experiences, and aspirations for an online presence.

Thorough research and a consideration of your website goals will guide you toward a hosting provider that resonates with your vision, budget and requirements.

Even though I changed my hosting from Siteground to Greengeeks I would definitely consider going back to Siteground at some point and trying with them again.

As I said above Siteground are a very good hosting company but the removal of the standard Cpanel made it harder for me to use, the prices were always going up each year dramatically and very often you would get charged for small extras Such as “malware removal” or a CDN Update.


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